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The Election into the House of Assembly for Donga Constituency could not hold fixed following a fight between the Camp loyal to the Chief of Staff to Governor Darius, Rt Hon. Istifanus Gbana and the Majority Leader in the Taraba State House of Assembly Rt Hon. Douglas Ndaste. Both men are contesting for the House of Representative Seat for Takum, Donga, Ussa Federal Constituency.

The Primaries which was scheduled to hold in Donga the headquarters of the Constituency, was short-lived after the Returning Officer abandoned the election for fear for his life. Consequently, the Delegates followed suit and disappeared from the venue of the election as they could no longer be seen; a move believed to be orchestrated by the political heavyweights in the area.

Our source at the venue of the Primaries has it that trouble started when skirmishes erupted between the supporters of Gbana and Ndatse; A Police Officer who try to bring the siltation under control when he fired his gun in the air to scare those fermenting trouble. After some calmness was restored, the Returning Officer together with the Council Chairman, who is also contesting for the House of Assembly Seat, left the venue without conducting the Primaries leaving other aspirants stranded.

With no election taking place in Donga, the Aspirants and their supporters moved down to Takum where the House of Representatives Primaries was scheduled to take place. This was because of the assumption that the Donga Constituency Primaries will hold alongside that of the House of Representatives in Takum.  However it was not the case as the aspirants and their supporters were left stranded there again.

This infuriated other aspirants started calls for the disqualification of two of Donga House of Assembly Aspirants, Hon. Mrs Indo who is believed to belong to the Gbana Camp and Hon. Nicodemus Ali, who is also believed to be loyal to the Ndatse. The other Aspirants believed that these two are part of the grand plan that disrupted the Election.

Lamenting on the situation, one of the Aspirants said “they have kidnapped the Delegates. Some of them were taken captive by the Gbana Camp and the others by Capt Ndatse Rtd Camp in order to make life hard for them. He said this was uncallful at this time of our nursing democracy and seek IENC to disqualified the election.” Another Aspirant said “we came to Takum because we were told that the Primaries will take place in Takum after that of the House of Reps and has you can see “ Nothing is happening here.”

Some Aspirants called on His Excellency Gov. Darius Dickson and the State Party Chairman to intervene in the Donga situation. They further warned that unless credible candidates are fielded through a transparent, free and fair process to fly the Party’s flag in the General Election, the Party does not stand a chance at winning the Constituency.

In another development the primary election has been fixed for today Tuesday the 24th may, 2022.

Here are the results from other areas where elections were said to be free. House of Representative

Below are names of the Winners of their various Federal Constituencies

1. Jalingo, Yorro Zing – Hon. IsmailaYushauMaihanci

2. Karim, Lau Ardo-Kola Hon.A.MLauya W

3. Wukari/Ibi-  Honourable Pius Sabo Aka Zasty,

Bali and Gassol – HonourableJafaru Yakubu Chiroma AKA ADC.

4. Takum, Donga Ussa- HarunaGbana

5. Bali/Gassol- ADC JafarChiroma Yakubu

6. Sardauna, GashakaKurmi – Nagombe Joseph Titus

That  of the state House of Assmbly has winners and their constituencies.


(1) BALI l – Hon. Veronica Alhassan

(2) BALI II – Hon. Abdullahi Hamman Adams

(3) GASHAKA Const. – Hon Muhammad Umar Gayam.

(4) GASSOL I – Hon. Abbas Umar Ƙaura

(5) GASSOL II – not declared

(6) GEMBU Const. – Hon. Dr. Ahmad DawudJedua

(7) KURMI Const. – Hon. Dr. TafarkiAgbudu

(8) MBAMNGA Const. – Hon. Emmanuel Bongo

(9) NGUROJE Const. – Hon. Nelson C Len.


(10) ARƊO-KOLA Const. – not declared

(11) JALINGO I – Hon. AbdulnaseerBobboji

(12) JALINGO II – Hon. Aminu Aminu Umar Jalingo.

(13) KARIM-LAMIƊO I – Hon. Dr. Mike Dio Jen

(14) KARIM-LAMIƊO II – Hon. Bobbo Bello Bendu.

(15) LAU Const. – Hon. NuhuAkila

(16) YORRO Const. – Muhammad ƊanladiGwampo

(17) ZING Const. – Hon. John KizitoBonzena


(18) DONGA Const. – not declared

(19) IBI Const. – Hon.

Meanwhile this is coming just as at the concluded PDP primaries in Taraba state House of Assembly the winner’s names

1 Ardokola: Happy J. Shonruba

2 Bali 1:

 Hon. Veronica Alahassan

3 Bali 2: Hamman Adamu

4 Donga:

 Hon. Indo Markcson

5 Gassol 1: Abbas U. Kaura

6 Gassol 2:

7 Gashaka: Umar Mohammed Galadima

8 Ibi:

9 Jalingo 1:

 Hon. AbdulnasirBobboji

10 Jalingo 2: Umar Aminu Bako

11 Karim 1: Mike Dio Jen

12 Karim 2: Bobbo Bello Bendi

13 Kurmi: Dr. Tafarki

14 Lau: Nuhu Alkali

15 SardaunaMbanga: Emmanuel Bongo

16 SardaunaGembu: Jedua

17 SardaunaNguroje: Nelson Len

18 Takum 1:

 Hon. AbubakarTanko

19 Takum 2:

 Hon. John Lambba

20 Ussa?

 Hon. Elisha Rikwentishe

21 Wukari 1: Jethro Yakubu

22 Wukari 2: Josiah Angye

23 Yorro: DanladiGwampo

24 Zing: John k. Bonzena

National glint also gathered that the following are the winners of the senate seats in their respective senatorial tickets

1. H.E. Arc. Darius Dickson Ishaku Won. Taraba Southern Senatorial ticket.

2. Senator. Shaibu Isa Lau won Taraba Northern Senatorial ticket.

3. H.E. Engr. Haruna Manu Won. Taraba Central Senatorial ticket.

Co. writer: Kuni .G. Isaac

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