ANO Stone Dealer Association Gets New Leadership

ANO Stone Dealer Association Gets New Leadership

Stone Dealers Association of Amaokwe, Ngwogwo, and Okwe communities ( ANO) in Ishiagu Ivo local government area of Ebonyi state has elected new leadership.

The Stone Dealers Association election in Ishiagu was a fracas between two factions in the union which led to the destruction of properties including about 25 motorcycles by the opposing groups last Saturday.

Investigation revealed that normalcy has returned to the crush rock industry in the community with the union members transacting their businesses after the misunderstanding.

The Local Government Chairman, Emmanuel Ajah who spoke to Journalists on the positive development appealed to the state government to look inward and know those causing crisis in the local government and bring them to book as Ebonyi is known for peace.

Ajah commended Governor Francis Nwifiuru and security agents in the state for restoring peace to the union within a short time.

He alleged that some politicians from the local government who are working for the state government are sabotaging security in the mineral-rich community.

“I want to thank God Almighty and also the Executive Governor, Rt Hon. Francis Nwifuru alongside security agencies who helped to calm the situation on the day of ANO Stone Dealers election in the Ivo local government.

“Elections of the stone dealers were already harmonized by the stakeholders and we concluded a consensus of candidates in each position in other to avoid crises during the elections.

“Unfortunately, some persons from the back sponsored by one group tried to cause unrest in Ivo, using the union election as an avenue to perpetrate their evil act. But thank God that no life was lost during the incident.

“Unfortunately, we found out that some people had hijacked the election and put it as a protest, some wanted to use that opportunity to attack their enemies, thank God that when we discovered their plan God who has been seeing us through in all our elections that have been more than this saw us through.

“The two groups have agreed to have a caretaker committee leadership. And the stone-crushing company has been operational without any disturbance. Normalcy has returned to the place.

“Also, I’m going to set up a committee on Ishiagu matters, which is already in existence they are going to look into the crisis, to know the number of people whose properties were destroyed, like motorcycles that were burnt, and vehicles whose glasses were destroyed.

“The committee has two weeks to report their findings and we will find a way to replace the properties, the people at fault will replace it.

“I want to use this opportunity to say that some people working with us at the state level are no longer with us, I will plead with the government to look inward and see who is causing the crisis and who wants to cause crisis in Ivo LGA.

“ If there is any internal security matter you need to work with your chairman and not cause problems in the local government.

“The issue of people sustaining bullet wounds is a here nobody has the comfort to lay any claims on that or say the hospital they were admitted in.

Correspondent reports that the ANO new leadership led by James Chukwu has been inaugurated.

Chukwu said “ I want to thank God for the peace that has returned to ANO Stone Crush and I promise to sustain the peace that God through the wisdom he gave to the local government Chairman to restore.

“You have restored peace in Ivo local government and that peace we will follow. We are one family and we will support you to work for the progress and development of our community”,

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