Argentine Takes Elf Transformation

Kuni .G. Isaac

A 25-year old Luis Padron an indigene of Buenos Aires has taken the transformation of an elf Freaked out on fantasy creatures, Padron spent $32,000 to transform himself into an elf.

The Argentine has undergone quite a few plastic surgeries, comprising of liposuction, rhinoplasty, total body hair removal and an eye color change procedure as seen in the images below

The 25-year-old didn’t stop at this. Padron’s plans include pointy ears, a heart-shaped hairline on his head, and elongated limbs.

From what it seems Padron’s flare to become a magical creature cannot be beaten, it is agreed that in the world there are others who have taken and even concluded their transformations.

According to Merriam Webster elves are small often mischievous fairies or best described as a small lively creature, usually lively mischievous or malicious person

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