Bash Ali, Reflects on Anti-Corruption Commitment as he Turns 68

Bash Ali, Reflects on Anti-Corruption Commitment as he Turns 68

Celebrated former World Boxing Federation Cruiserweight Champion, Bashiru Lawrence Ali, popularly known as Bash Ali, took to social media on Tuesday to mark his 68th birthday with a poignant reflection on his unwavering dedication to combatting corruption, particularly in the realm of sports, as he continues his relentless pursuit of hosting his Guinness World Record Boxing Championship Fight in Nigeria.

In a heartfelt Facebook post, Ali recounted the arduous journey spanning 17 years, during which he steadfastly resisted the allure of corrupt practices, even in the face of immense challenges. He highlighted the sacrifices he endured and the toll it took on his personal and financial well-being.

The former champion underscored the steep price he paid for his principled stance, revealing a stark decline in his financial fortunes, transitioning from a millionaire in dollars to virtually nothing in Naira over the years. Ali also disclosed the physical toll of his perseverance, recounting instances of being beaten, injured, and hospitalized during his quest.

Ali’s unwavering commitment to his principles led to numerous confrontations with authorities, including being detained multiple times at various police stations in Abuja and enduring a 43-day stint at Kuje Prison. Despite lucrative offers to take his fight outside Nigeria, Ali remained resolute in his determination to see his dream realized within his homeland.

Expressing gratitude to his supporters for their unwavering loyalty, Ali reiterated his steadfast resolve, affirming his intention to continue his pursuit until the age of 70, envisioning a future where he can retire with financial security and ultimately aspire to the highest office in Nigeria.

As Ali’s long-cherished dream inches closer to fruition, his birthday message serves as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the unwavering commitment to integrity in the face of adversity.

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