Betta Edu Demands Retraction and Apology from BBC Over Alleged Misreporting

Betta Edu Demands Retraction and Apology from BBC Over Alleged Misreporting

Betta Edu, Nigeria’s suspended Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, has demanded a retraction and public apology from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) following what she claims is false reporting regarding a corruption probe.

In a letter addressed to the BBC, Edu’s lawyer, Ojukwu, disputed a recent article published on the BBC website titled “Betta Edu Probe: Nigeria Recover $24m in Poverty Minister Investigation- EFCC,” alleging that it falsely implicated Edu in financial misconduct.

The lawyer highlighted concerns regarding the article’s language, which he argued insinuated guilt on Edu’s part without affording her the presumption of innocence, a fundamental principle in fair reporting. He criticized the BBC for not providing Edu with the opportunity to respond to the allegations before publication, labeling it a breach of journalistic fairness and integrity.

Moreover, the letter asserted that Edu has neither been indicted nor found guilty of any financial impropriety related to her ministry. It emphasized that no funds, including the alleged N30 billion, have been traced to or recovered from Edu’s bank accounts, refuting the claims made in the BBC article.

Edu’s legal team expressed the significant reputational damage suffered by their client as a result of the article’s dissemination, demanding a retraction and public apology from the BBC within 48 hours. Additionally, they threatened legal action against the media organization and demanded $50 million in compensation for the damages incurred.

The letter concluded by condemning the BBC’s reporting as a blatant attempt to tarnish Edu’s reputation and undermine her credibility, calling for accountability and journalistic professionalism in future reporting endeavors.

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