CONMMEP Demands Action: Unlocking Nigeria’s Maritime Potential

CONMMEP Demands Action: Unlocking Nigeria’s Maritime Potential

The Congress of Nigerian Maritime Media Practitioners (CONMMEP) is raising questions about Nigeria’s failure to leverage its vast marine resources despite possessing significant potential. With a coastline spanning 830km and 200 nautical miles into the ocean, Nigeria boasts abundant marine biodiversity, making its West African continental shelf one of the world’s richest.

Despite this, CONMMEP observes a concerning trend of stagnation across the maritime sector. While the federal government established the Ministry of Marine and Blue Economy, enthusiasm wanes due to perceived mismanagement and ineffective leadership. Alhaji Tunde Umar-Daniah, CONMMEP’s President, emphasizes the sector’s underperformance, attributing it to various factors including bureaucratic hurdles and security concerns.

Criticism also extends to Nigeria Customs Service’s revenue targets, which some view as counterproductive to trade facilitation. Delays, inefficiencies, and conflicts, exemplified by recent violence at Tin Can Island Port, underscore the urgent need for reform. The congestion along Lagos Ports access roads adds further strain, causing significant human and financial costs.

Freight forwarders decry exploitation by shipping companies and terminal operators, while security operatives extort truck owners, exacerbating delays and costs. Furthermore, inadequate equipment and safety measures on waterways contribute to accidents and loss of life.

As Nigeria Customs Service faces a hefty revenue target amid economic challenges, stakeholders urge Minister Adegboyega Oyetola to address systemic issues and prioritize the sector’s revitalization. Amidst concerns of impunity and mismanagement, CONMMEP calls for decisive action, emphasizing the urgency of reform to harness Nigeria’s maritime potential before it’s too late.

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