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Danjuma Shiddi Seek Amnesty, Calls for Joint Military Patrol

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Ezekiel Zik Kuni.

The current killings and abduction of people in Wukari, Donga, Takum and Ussa areas of Taraba State has giving the good people of the area the need to call for unity among them.

Honourable. Danjuma Usman Shiddi, Member Representing Wukari /Ibi Federal Constituency seeking
Amnesty and writes the Minister of Defence
National Headquarter, Abuja.
Requesting for the establishment of joint Military Operations base in the Wukari, Ibi, Donga, Takum , Ussa local government councils and Yangtu development areas of Taraba State.

As a stakeholders in the security concerns of Nigeria and being the current representative of the good people of Wukari/Ibi Federal Constituency Taraba State in the National Assembly, I sincerely and passionately write to request for your kind approval and urgent Establishment of a Joint Military Operational base in Taraba South, in Wukari or Takum, Taraba State.


My request has become imperative in view of the worsening security challenge in Southern Taraba especially in. Communities along Takum, Ussa, Wukari and Donga Local Government Area and Yangtu Development Area of Taraba State.

Being a man with security Training background, I am seize with substantial understanding of the various challenges confronting the gallant soldier of the Nigeria Army and other sisters agencies as well as the need to enhance their operational capacities and readiness for optimal performance. This, I will continually seek for help the identified institution attain through my parliamentary approaches at the National Assembly.

The security challenges and armed terrorists threat in southern Taraba assuming alarming dimensions that our people who are predominantly farmers, are left helpless and defenseless.

From all indication, frequent terrorists/Banditry attack on many local communities and the resultant casualty effects has continued to generate most serious concerns among the civil and Military populance in the area alike. The killing of Military Personnel and the commanding officer (CO) of 93 Battalion recently in Tati village of Takum local Government and the destruction of several other communities in Takum, Donga and Ussa L.G.A. corroborate our point of concern hereof. The said ravaged and destroyed include:
1. Basank
2. Muji 1
3. Muji 2
4. Fewen
5. Tati
6. Fashing
7. Rikwen Tumu
8. Rikwen Cwun
9. Twen 1
10. Twen 2
11. Kando
12. Kpambo puri
13. Kasiten
14. Kpashi
15. Shimta
16. Kwaben
17. Mbiya
18. Kakum
19. Angwan Govn’t Lodge
20. Tukok
21. Gaba
22. Mbafobani

1. Asik
2. Konkaen
3. Fangtae
4. Kujwen
5. Kicha
6. Kusansag
7. Rinkwentwen
8. Rinkwen Tsinya
9. Rikwen Makun
10. Tutuwa
11. Kampo
12. Ripenchin etc

1. Jenuwa Koji
2. Kwari
3. Boi
4. Kpaw
5. Kwambai
6. Nyifiye
7. Ruwa
8. Nyicwu
9. Ribasi
10. Bika etc

Recall that the presence of the Joint Military base code named operations Hadinkai is yielding positive results in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa state. Also operation safe Haven is a huge success in Plateua, Bauchi and Kaduna. Similar operation such as, operation whirl stroke in Benue state, operation sharan Daji in Katsina, Sokoto and Zamfara, are equally successful.

In view of these ugly development recorded in our dear, we strongly pray that our humble request for the Establishment of a Joint Military base in Wukari or Takum, Taraba State would help to ameliorate the suffering of the citizens as well as curtail influx of terrorists in the area.

Thank you for the onerous tasks the Nigeria Armed Forces has continued discharge for the Nation.

Accept the assurance of my regard, please.

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