Don’t Fight For Me, My Project’ll Fight For Me-Afikpo Council Boss

Don’t Fight For Me, My Project’ll Fight For Me-Afikpo Council Boss

The Executive Chairman of Afikpo Local Government Area, Hon. Uchenna Ibiam has advised detractors to his administration to stop waging war against him as he seeks reelection, stating that his achievements and projects will fight for him.

Hon. Uche Ibiam, who was reacting to an interview granted by a self styled political commentator and analyst, Dr Ifeanyi Anya and published in Topnewsngr, said nobody should fight for him to be returned to office, that his numerous projects would fight for him.

According to him, he has the total support of stakeholders of Afikpo East, and Afikpo West which includes Amasiri, Ibii/Oziza and Akpoha.

He equally spoke on the ongoing health outreach organized by Afikpo Local Government Area among others.

He said, “My target is 300 persons in each ward. We have 12 wards , 300 persons for glasses and note it is not every eye problem that needs glasses. We treat more than 300 but my target is 300 for glasses.
“There is no ward we don’t treat more than 300 persons. When we went to Uwana Poly, the people were excited including the rector and these are things ordinarily if you come to Abakaliki that you will not spend much money and we are giving quality glasses.

“So far so good, we have spent close to 10 million naira and I pray that it will be enough for us because the demand may be high and we will add more but for now I want to touch every ward; each ward must get two days. When we round off, I will sit with the medical team and review their activities and know if we should extend it or not . I have the drawing of VIP toilets I want to build in every ward I don’t care about election I just want to work for my people.

“We have paid bills. I went to Center of Hope for inspection they showed me bill of almost 800.000 and the patient has been there for over 8 months. I told the hospital to allow her to go home. It is not the first, second, third, fourth or fifth times. We have offset many bills even in FETHA. Anyone who is trapped in the hospital if we hear it and it is something we can do, we ask the hospital to let the person go home and most of them you don’t see it on the social media it is the few my PRO remembers that he posts.

“We are doing it to help our people, forget about publicity . Like when I started the free eye care program, I paid for the glasses 3 months ago but the glasses didn’t arrive the country on time. It arrived about two weeks ago otherwise I would have finished the program before now but from the timeable, it will end at the end of May,2024 because we do Monday and Tuesday to give the Doctor chance to go to their own hospital because they are on lease so they do Monday and Tuesday, adjourn to Friday and Saturday . They use middle of the week to do their own business because most of them we hired from private hospitals.

“The cost of hiring the medical team is built in the 10m and they are about 8 with their nurses. It is capital intensive but we have to do it for our people because they voted us into power and they should enjoy dividends of democracy more than us. People are suffering in the village. I have been there and I see them. If I come to work now and 200 people want to see me, 199 is for financial assistance. We can’t help everybody but at least do the little we can.

“I also plan to enroll fresh 500 people into Ebonyi State health insurance scheme. We have done a lot for our people forget detractors that will come to say one thing or the other but we will shut them up. I have told my supporters on the social media don’t argue shut them up with our projects with what we have done . Don’t fight for me, my projects will fight for me that is my belief.

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