Dutch boy, 4, takes mother’s car for a joyride

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Police in the central city of Utrecht said the child crashed into two parked cars on Saturday, before leaving the scene in his pyjamas and bare bases.

observers called police after spotting him walking down the road alone in the deep freeze.

No one was hurt during his frolic, with police saying on Instagram they had discovered a “New Max Verstappen plant in (the Utrecht exurb of) Overvecht,” police wrote in the post-a reference to the current Dutch world champion Formula One motorist.

 Police wrote that the child had woken up on Saturday when his father went to work, and taken his mama’s car keys” to go for a drive”.

After officers were called to pick him up, a report came in of an abandoned vehicle near-by, which appeared to have hit two parked cars.

The car registered to the boy’s mama, after officers called her, handing over the phone to the 4-year-old, police said he mimicked driving and made gestures of turning a steering wheel.

“We also realised that the child may have been the driver,”

The 4-year-old who now goes by the trend of mini driver was taken into custody, treated to hot chocolate and a teddy bear before being reunited with his mother


 The car was confirmed to be driven by the toddler after he showed off descriptively during a visit to the crash scene along with the police,

 Officers prompted the parents to hide their auto keys in the future,

“New Max Verstappen plant in (the Utrecht exurb of) Overvecht,” police wrote in the post-a reference to the current Dutch world champion Formula One motorist.

Instagram post translated from Dutch

New Max Verstappen discovered in #Overvecht.

Yesterday we were sent at the end of the night shift to a report in Overvecht. Already there a four-year-old child would walk barefoot and in his pajamas on the street. The child was found by a bystander and placed in the car. The bystander thought that the child might be hypothermic and immediately called 911. Based on this information, colleagues rushed to the scene and took care of the reporter and the child.

@ravu_ambulancezorg has medically checked the child and gave him a comfort bear to put him at ease. There was no trace of the parents at that time. We then took the baby to the police station to find out where he came from (and to drink hot chocolate 😉).

Not much later, a report of an abandoned accident site in Overvecht follows from the @politie_oc_ middennederland. A vehicle hit two parked cars. The name of the vehicle turned out to be the mother of the child, after which we made contact with her. She said that her child is very enterprising. She spoke to the child on the telephone and then we saw that he made a collision with his hands and made a steering movement. This gave us the suspicion that the child might have been driving. Together with the mother and the child we then walked to the vehicle.

Meanwhile, the father arrived on the scene. At the car we asked if the child could show how the car worked. The child opened the car with the key and put the key in the ignition. He started the car, moved his left foot to the clutch and hit the gas. So what appeared to have happened. When the child's father went to work, the child woke up and grabbed the car key to go for a drive. The 2 parked cars were hit. The child then got out and ran away in his pajamas. Fortunately, this mini driver's adventure has come to an end with a sizzle.

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