Ebonyi fire incidence; Ikwo council boss sympathize with family

By Ruth Oginyi

The Chairman of Ikwo LGA, Elder Hon. Stephen Orogwu has condemned the perpetrators of arson, and the death of a 30-year-old woman Mrs. Chigozie Nte and her three children at Agubata village of Ndiagu Echara Ikwo local government area of Ebonyi.

She died in the fire with her three children Solomon aged 5, Favour aged 2, and Chinaza who was less than a year old.

In a visit to the scene of the incident earlier Thursday, 3 March, 202, the Chairman was visibly shocked by the gravity of the atrocity that resulted in the death of Mrs. Chigozie Nte died in a fire outbreak in her thatched.

Mrs. Chigozie Nte was deaf and dumb and was described by neighbors peaceful woman who does look for trouble.

According to them, she was never seen in any disagreement with anyone.

According to reports, Elder Hon. Orogwu upon hearing the sad news immediately swung into action and prior efforts ensured the suspect was arrested.

Addressing the people of Agubata village, Elder Hon. Orogwu told them that he had come to sympathize with them and to plead that they remain calm and peaceful while security carries out an investigation.

He thanked them for not resorting to jungle justice in dispensing quick justice to the suspects, but rather cooperating with the authorities who have now taken the two suspects into their custody..

Elder Orogwu during the sympathy visit

T. chairman reiterated earlier directives that all villages should have village vigilantes who would keep watch over the village and ensure that evil doesn’t triumph. The people, he stated, had a responsibility to unite and fight the scourge of insecurity.

He consoled the families and villagers and promised that justice would be done assuring the people that the suspects if found to have been the culprits would never return village chairman thanked the Ikwo Council boss for the visit, appreciating him for his promise to ensure that justice is done and further thanking him for the quick response of the chairman equally visited the family of the deceased woman, the Unwu Enworo family of Omege Echara.

He gave them words of encouragement and asked them to put their faith in God who alone rewards us all according to the manner of our works.

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