Ebonyi to host VP, finance minister


The chairman of southeast governors forum, and Governor of Ebonyi state Engr. David Umahi Sunday said the state will host the financial year program of the country from April 5th to 8th, 2022.

Umahi said the vice president of the country, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, Minister of Finance Zainab Ahmed, 36 commissioners of Finance from different states of the country alongside their permanent Secretaries, Chairman Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Chaplain Aso rock among others are to be in the state for the program within the week.

The governor spoke in Abakaliki the state capital.

He said that the vice President will commission about 7 projects already completed in the state including the new chapel.

He said, “We are doing everything to complete all the ongoing projects before we leave office, I’m confident that the airport will be completed before the end of May to the extent that it will become functional and the next level of work is to perfect the airport to make the best in this country.

“This week is going to be very busy, the financial year of the federal republic of Nigeria is holding in Ebonyi state this week from 5th to 8th, it is a very big program, the 36 state financial commissioners will be here, 36 permanent Secretaries of finance will be here, Minister of Finance will be here, the Vice President, CAN chairman of Nigeria and the chaplain of Aso rock. So we lined 7 projects for the vice president to commission.

“On the issue of employment, the labor Congress will have to decide because I won’t make a promise that I will never fulfill. Allocations are going down on monthly basis, they will have to decide in the spirit of love do we employ more people or take money to improve your welfare?

“We have started the journey of transition, I will be begging the zoning Committee to please do everything to take one local government every day and do not jump because very soon our party will come up with their timetable, so let’s finish very quickly. I will be calling on certain groups to prepare their minds, this seat is only one person that will sit on it and God has anointed the person.

“And what I tell people that came to consult me was that in the past from 2015 I have done anointing by myself and I have seen the anointing didn’t work, it produced betrayal. So I want God and the people to do the anointing this time. And whomever God through the people brings forward I will throw all my weight behind the person.

“I am not unmindful of people challenging the governor but they must know that this Governor has never been defeated and so I have gone ahead of them. This crisis that came was because of the challenges that I will have where God has anointed me.

“So we need prayers for God’s anointing the Councilors, Chairmen of the local government, House of Assembly members, the senators, Reps and the Governor and of course our collective prayers in the President of this country”. Umahi said

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