Elon Musk: the magnitude of the Optimus robot

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“I was surprised that people don’t realize the magnitude of the Optimus robot program, “the Tesla CEO said on the company’s earnings call late Wednesday. “The significance of Optimus will grow apparent in the coming cycles. Those who are perceptive or who hear precisely will understand that Optimus eventually will be worth further than the auto business and worth further than full tone-driving, that’s my establishment belief.”

Tesla first revealed the Optimus robot — also known as Tesla Bot — at an artificial intelligence- concentrated event in August 2021. The robot, 5- bottom 8 elevation and 125 pounds, is designed to perform repetitious or mundane tasks that humans detest (or cannot be hired to do in a tight labor request).

 Wall Street judges generally do not believe Optimus will be a fiscal needle transport in the medium- term given they are not being produced at scale.

“I would say no, but time will tell, “Wells Fargo bus critic Colin Langan stated when asked about the robot impact. “He has proven the requests awry ahead.”

In proposition, the Optimus program has implicit to help Tesla lower operating costs in its installations — it’s just a matter if Musk can make enough robots.

 In the meantime, what the Street is believing on Tesla is that could be on its way to another strong time of making electric vehicles profitably.

 Shares of Tesla rose 7 in pre-market trading as Tesla pummeled Wall Street estimates for deals, perimeters, and earnings. Then is how Tesla performed versus Street estimates

• Profit$18.8 billion versus$17.9 billion anticipated

 • Acclimated earnings per share$3.22 versus$2.27 anticipated

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 Musk noted that despite COVID-19 affiliated shutdowns at its crucial Shanghai manufacturing factory lately, Tesla product has come back with a” revenge. “He added that will prop in Tesla potentially delivering 60 further buses this time compared to 2021, ahead of numerous critic estimates.

” Taking a step back, with the force chain issues still a moping protuberance on the bus space and logistical issues encyclopedically, we believe these ‘Cinderella-like’ delivery figures in a brutal force chain background speaks to an EV demand line that looks relatively robust for Tesla heading into the rest of 2022,”Wedbush Managing Director Dan Ives said.

Ives has a$ price target on the stock. At current situations, Ives’ price target assumes 33 downsides over the coming 12-months.

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