Federal Government Takes Proactive Measures to Curb Youth Tobacco Use

Federal Government Takes Proactive Measures to Curb Youth Tobacco Use

The Federal Government of Nigeria is intensifying efforts to address the issue of tobacco use among children, reiterating its commitment to the cause. Jamila Ibrahim, Minister of Youth and Development, emphasized the gravity of tobacco smoking among young individuals during a meeting in Abuja with Ms. Bintou Camara, Regional Director of the Tobacco Control Programme (AFRO) Campaign for Tobacco – Free Kids.

Minister Ibrahim stressed the urgent need for collaboration with relevant stakeholders to raise awareness about the health risks associated with tobacco use among young people. She outlined a strategic focus on adolescent health, advocating for proactive measures to prevent tobacco smoking among children.

She emphasized, “We must work with the act that bans tobacco smoking in public places, especially to prevent secondhand smoke.”

In related information, the World Health Organisation (WHO) reported several months ago that approximately 30,000 Nigerians lose their lives annually due to tobacco-related diseases. This alarming statistic further underscores the crucial importance of these initiatives.

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