FIFA to Provide $440 million for compensation of exploited workers – Amnesty

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FIFA must distribute at least$ 440 million to a compensation program for the hundreds of thousands of migratory workers exploited in the run-up to the World Cup in Qatar. Amnesty International makes that call in a new report. The human rights organization asks football associations, including the KNVB, to intimately support this.

 There has long been strong review of the mortal rights situation in the medications for the World Cup. The British review The Guardian reported on the base of its own disquisition that further than labor settlers have failed while working for the World Cup. Faced with extensive international review, FIFA master Infantino queried that beforehand this time and stated that three people were killed.

 Amnesty accuses FIFA that the football association looks down from the human rights violations in Qatar, which according to Amnesty could have been previsioned. “By failing to stop these, FIFA has incontrovertibly contributed to the wide exploitation of migratory workers involved in World Cup- related systems, not just colosseum and hostel construction,” Amnesty wrote.

 Emblematic amount, may need further

The compensation amount of 440 million dollars (further than 420 million euros) is emblematic it’s the same as the prize money that’s awarded at the World Cup. As far as Amnesty is concerned, it’s presumably also a minimal amount.

 For illustration, paying back stipend in full and compensation for workers who have been killed or injured may bear further money. This also applies to the compensation for the debts numerous workers have incurred to pay the reclamation costs to work in Qatar.

 Amnesty International is calling for a recovery program in which workers, trade unions, the International Labor Organization (ILO) and civil society associations share. This could include gests with other recovery programmes, similar as the agreement after the Rana Plaza garment plant disaster in Bangladesh in 2013, which killed further than workers.

Rana Plaza garment plant disaster in Bangladesh in 2013

Some progress, but weak enforcement’

Amnesty notes that some progress has been made for migratory workers in recent years. Despite this, according to Amnesty, only a minority of the hundreds of thousands of settlers involved have been helped by this and, for illustration, the enforcement of labor reforms is defective.

“While it may be too late to abolish the suffering of once abuse, FIFA and Qatar can and should requital and help farther exploitation,” said Amnesty International Secretary-General Callamard. She points out that both FIFA and Qatar have a duty under transnational law to help human rights violations and to compensate victims.

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