Food Sufficiency: Federal Agric Institution Acquires Drones For Land Mapping, Data Management, Others

Food Sufficiency: Federal Agric Institution Acquires Drones For Land Mapping, Data Management, Others

Dr Michael Okoronkwo, Provost Federal College of Agriculture, Ishiagu in Ivo Local Government Area of Ebonyi State,
said the College has acquired drones to enhance precision agricultural practice in the College.

He said the drones would be useful in landing mapping, data management and other practical areas in precision agriculture.

Dr Okoronkwo made this known to journalists in Ishiagu during the 36th matriculation ceremony of the college held on Friday.

He explained that the administration of the college has been undertaking training of manpower in various vocational of fish farming, and cassava production in the southeast zone as most of the people who benefited from the scheme have been empowered to start up their enterprises with the stipends they received.

“About 1000 entrepreneurs from the southeast have benefited from the training”. He said

“Matriculation confers on fresh students, full membership of the College. Our matriculation oath requires students to be diligent in the pursuit of their studies, acquire the requisite knowledge and abide by the laws of the college. As fresh students, your pledge to put up good behaviour, you are committing yourselves to be disciplined and to be good ambassadors of the college.

“We employ you to eschew the attractions of cultism, corruption, examination malpractice and other vice. We make bold to state categorically clear that the Federal College, Ishiagu has zero tolerance for cultism and cult-related activities and exam malpractice. We have efficient security and legal architecture within the campus and will stand by you in the event of proven cases of violations of your rights. We implore you to work within the ambit of the law, nevertheless.

“The college is charged, among other things, to train middle-levelled manpower and carry out cutting-edge research in various areas of agriculture, agro-based issues and development. We have implemented a Wireless Internet Facility in the College by Tenece Wireless. Staff and students of the college community have free and high-speed access to the World Wide Web for research and collaboration with institutions across the globe.

“We currently acquire drones for Precision Agriculture practicals in agricultural land mapping, nutrients and soil moisture data management, scouting for pests and diseases management, fertilizers and pesticides application and yield counts.

“We have also concluded our partnership with Sentinel Satellite Remote Sensing data-driven agriculture. These are new frontiers in agriculture and driving the needed change in agricultural productivity improving yields and reducing cost, providing our students the opportunity to be at the front of recent technology advancements in Agriculture in the world leveraging on Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

“These are novel projects and positions in the school as adept in current trends in digital and precision agriculture technologies in terms of completeness of vision and execution, equipping the students with the knowledge of current trends in agriculture making them indispensable in workplaces and spheres”, he said.

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