Governor Kefas calls on state of emergency for education sector

Governor Kefas calls on state of emergency for education sector

Pacing for the success of the educational sector of Taraba state, Governor Agbu Kefas explains the poor state of education,

The Governor in an interview at the state capital made known that he has no other choice but to call in a state of emergency for the educational sector of the state due to the poor performance of primary and secondary institutions,

He blamed his administration for outdated plans that served no effort in the improvement of the educational sector, in his words He said “we have templates of what we want all our schools to look like”.

Looking back at the rise of Governor Kefas till date, he has made a mark for sacking the commissioners and officials of the past Governor Ishaku, he also vowed to transform the sector before his first hundred days in office, looking out for the young people in the state he said 80 percent of his Commissioners would be made from them to assist in the exceptional rise of the state.

Governor Kefas has stated that his tenure and selective administration would bring the educational value of the state to stand like no other throughout the 16 local governments.The Governor also let known his plans to build new schools and provide infrastructure in all necessary areas.

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