HUAWEI Vows To Surpass Apple

HUAWEI Vows To Surpass Apple

At the recently held Huawei’s spring new product launch, Huawei on a quest to too the phone market the launched the Huawei P60 series, Mate X3, Enjoy 60, Huawei Watch Ultimate and other innovations.
These new innovations derived from He Gang, Chief Operating Officer of Huawei Device BG’ s statement, have been marked as the tip of the iceberg in phone competitions as he further boasted that Apple will fall upon the release of their new devices in a media session after the event
Although Apple’s rating on the mobile phone market cannot be overlooked, as it is a top choice to phone users in many regions, in addition Apple victory in becoming the Top mobile phone in the world, a position which was formerly held by Samsung
Apple would be a heavy Rick to lift away, having a 23% market share, 75% share of the flagship market estimated $600 upwards
Even Though the market favors Apple, Huawei according to research owns 51.3% of foldable phones in the Chinese phone market surpassing Samsung, who holds the maximum of 18.8% both clearing Apple from the competition as Apple has no foldable devices in existence.

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