Human Right condemn killing of woman 35 in Ebonyi

Ruth Oginyi

… Vow to fight the injustice against the deceased

A 35-year old single identified as, Nnenaya Onu, has been reportedly killed and burnt alive by suspected assailants in the Onicha local government area of Ebonyi state.

She was allegedly beaten, stripped naked, dismembered, and burnt alive in the Onicha Igboeze Community of Onicha Local Government for demanding her father’s inheritance.

Meanwhile, the National Human Right Commission, NHRC, has condemned the gruesome murder of the lady who demanded her share of her father’s inheritance.

The report has it that there has not been any record of the assailant’s arrest in the area, since the incident happened some years back.

The Ebonyi State Coordinator, National Human Right Commission, NHRC, Mr. Christopher Onyekachi Okorie said his office is investigating the matter and a petition was made to the appropriate authority.

“She was murdered in cold blood, her leg chopped off and her whole belongings heaped on her while she was burnt beyond recognition.

“All these happened behind her father’s house at Onicha Igbeze of Onicha Local Government Area of Ebonyi State.

“Her offense is that she insisted on demanding her father’s inheritance as a woman. She was not married but lived in her late father’s house at Onicha Igbeze.

“Her only brother died years ago under mysterious circumstances according to the old mother. She has a surviving sister, Juliet Onu, who is married.

“Her old agonizing mother points at her cousins as the suspects of this atrocity due to their (the said Cousins) numerous threats to her life before she was eventually murdered, dismembered, and burnt.

“Her killers forbade any person from the village from talking about the incident nor even sharing the photo of her burnt carcass either on social media or otherwise.

“Her poor mother wants justice but has no money to sponsor police investigations and arrests.”

“According to the sister of the deceased, the incident took place on the 23rd of December 2021 and since then nothing has been done to bring justice to the victim.”

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