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A philanthropist and a Lagos-based entrepreneur, Dr. Ifeanyi Chukwuma Odii Thursday declared his intention to contest for the governorship position in Ebonyi state in the 2023 election.

Dr. Odii however, said that the main direction of his administration if he becomes the governor would be to focus on wealth creation by way of creating jobs for the unemployed youths, to reduce social vices in the state.

He spoke to journalists at his country home, Isu in the Onicha local government area of Ebonyi State.

He noted that candidates’ aspirations for any political position should be anchored on one’s capacity to deliver.

The aspirant who is known for helping the poor had embarked on projects across the 13 local government areas of Ebonyi State and had many undergraduates benefitting from his scholarship scheme.

He advocated for a peaceful political period in the state stressing that politics should be a do-or-die affair.

“I have been a businessman. I have been an entrepreneur. Government is all about wealth creation because when you create wealth, you have tackled a lot of problems. Unemployment- the youths will be able to get jobs and the tendency of reducing social vices will be there. Our people will be gainfully employed.

“So for me, I started a business and I was able to grow that business, and I have a lot of people working under my private enterprise. So, what it means is that if I replicate that template, there will be more jobs created for our people. So for me, it is all about wealth creation. Every other governor, even the present ones, they may have done well, but for me, I will focus on wealth creation.

“It is only God who knows the heart of any individual. For me, I am an Ebonyi. I am running the election because I am an Ebonyi man and not because I am from Ebonyi south, north, or central. What I believe is capacity. Leadership is all about who can deliver.

“Every other person may be running because they are from north or central but I am running as an Ebonyi person. I anchor my running because I am a bonafide son of Ebonyi State. All my projects cut across every local government area of Ebonyi State, which means I am a true Ebonyi person. If you go to Izzi land, I have projects there, if you go to Ikwo, I have projects there and I am doing it with my private resources.

“Anywhere you go, you will find Anyi Chuks projects there. I have so many people under my scholarship. I don’t discriminate because I am not from Izzi. So, we should be talking about the Ebonyi interest and not clannish interest and that is why I want to run.

“We look forward to a society that we can be proud of. As I mentioned earlier, I would want to partner with you as long as you are reporting objectively. You will not find me trying to blackmail any person or trying to use the press to cause problems. You have always known me as a man of peace and I represent peace anywhere I go in the world.

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“I told God whatever thing is my ambition, it should not be one that will create a problem for the state. It should be an ambition I will pursue with all sincerity anchored on God. As we move forward trying to actualize my ambition, you will not find me causing violence in the state. In the same way, others should emulate and try to conduct themselves peacefully.

“Power belongs to God and the people. People must always choose whom they want to lead them. I have been on my charitable gesture over the years. Leadership is when somebody says this will happen and it came to pass. Even when it cannot happen, you should be able to call the people and tell them while it cannot happen. And again, it’s accessibility.

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