Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company Boosts Power Supply with 34 New Band A Feeders

Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company Boosts Power Supply with 34 New Band A Feeders

In a bid to enhance power supply to its customers, the Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company (Disco) has introduced 34 new Band A feeders to its network. This decision follows a thorough assessment of power supply capacity by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC).

In a statement shared via social media, the Disco announced, “Based on our consistent delivery of a minimum of 20 hours of electricity daily, and a rigorous evaluation process overseen by the Regulator, we are delighted to receive approval for the addition of 34 additional Band A feeders to our network.”

The newly included areas within the Band A classification of the Disco’s network are situated under the 32KV and 133KV Band A locations, encompassing neighborhoods in Ikorodu, Magodo, Maryland, Ilupeju, Ejigbo, among others.

Following the recent adjustment in electricity tariffs for Band A customers, who receive a minimum of 20 hours of electricity daily, the NERC mandated Discos to ensure the provision of this duration of electricity supply to such customers.

Additionally, the regulator stipulated that in instances where Discos fail to meet this requirement, they must publicly disclose the reasons for the failure on their platforms the following day. Furthermore, Discos were directed to establish an online portal for customers to verify their locations and band feeders to prevent incorrect billing.

Earlier this month, the Federal Government raised the electricity tariff for Discos from approximately N68/KWh to N225/KWh, aiming to attract investments into the power sector and alleviate the electricity subsidy burden on its budget.

The expansion of Band A locations signifies an increase in the number of electricity customers subject to the new tariff of N225/KWh, resulting in enhanced revenue for the Disco. This move aligns with the broader objective of improving power supply reliability and sustainability across the country.

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