Ikwo South stakeholders pledge support for Gov Nwifuru

Ikwo South stakeholders pledge support for Gov Nwifuru

Major stakeholders of Ikwo South Development Center Egunwenu in Ikwo local government area of Ebonyi State Saturday said they will continue to give their 100% unalloyed support to the government of Hon Francis Nwifuru.

They said the governor has shown commitment and love to the development of the Ikwo noyo clan.

The people spoke during stakeholders meeting organized by the development center coordinator Mrs. Chinasa Nwanchor.

The Development Center coordinator Mrs Chinasa Nwanchor had called for stakeholders meeting during which she briefed the people on the programs and policies of the governor and that she wants the DC to cue into the governor’s program.

Addressing the gathering, the member representing Ikwo Ezza south federal constituency at the national assembly Hon. Chinedu Ogah appealed for peace unity, and love among the people to attract more development to the people.
“We can not achieve development without peace – Ogah said.

” We want to develop Amagu more. We have whatever it takes to develop our place we have the first PhD holder in Amagu, we have professors. I urge our people to support our governor for better development.

Our governor has promised to construct the road from Enyibichiri, Eke-amegu to Ngambo onwe Ogah, it has been awarded.

We don’t have a problem in Amagu we are not against anybody. Development of our place will not quench in our own time.

We have a lot of projects for our people we can not achieve that without peace so let those who hate us and who do not like us like and support what we are doing.

Today I am at the national assembly.
You may not like that today I am at the national assembly but you have already benefited from what I am doing that is it.
Today Nwifuru is the governor of Ebonyi State I have told my people if you don’t want to support him you better relocate because the young man is doing marvelously well and we have to support him.

Professor Anthony Itumo the president general of Amegu Ikwo Development Union Bar Okeagu Ogada and other stakeholders who spoke during the meeting assured the coordinator of their support to enable her to step down Governor Nwifurus’s programs to the grassroots.

” As the president of the Amegu development union, I will mobilize the village leaders to ensure that the coordinator is given all the necessary support to develop the DC” Itumo said

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