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LaKeith Stanfield and Jamie Lee Curtis, one of his co-stars in Shanks Out, clicked incontinently in 2018 while making the star- speckled 2019 film.
He was taking a break to bomb when Curtis explained why he should put out his cigarette.

“I presumably said commodity to the effect of ‘You are a gorgeous, talented, smart, youthful father with huge openings ahead of you Do not f *** it up by dying of cancer that you can help, ‘”Curtis tells GQ in a new profile on the Get Out and Atlanta actor that describes their relationship.

After that first battle, during which they both cried, Stanfield gave up his nicotine habit.
They were also near enough that, after a friend of the two told her that Stanfield was considering sobriety, Curtis communicated Stanfield to express her support. They stayed in touch, via phone calls and textbooks, as he continued acting and ultimately went to recovery.

“She asked me, ‘How old are you?’ “he remembered of one similar discussion. “I was like,’ Uh, about to be 30.’And she said, ‘No, how old are you from when you came sober?’ “He gave a important different answer” ‘Oh, I am about seven months. ‘And she goes, ‘You ’re seven months old. I’m 23 times old.'”
Curtis has long been open about her own struggles with dependence to alcohol and pain capsules.
“My experience is that when you feel you’re alone, that is a veritably scary feeling, “she told the magazine.” So what I was trying to say to him was, ‘You aren’t alone. And if I can be a source of comfort or understanding, also I hope you’ll allow me to do that.'”

Stanfield had realized that he’d a problem in 2020, during the timber of the movie The Harder They Fall. One sign was when he replied in a way that he had not before to getting a massage.
“All of a unforeseen, I got so anxious during it that I just got up, canceled the massage, and told (the masseuse) to leave. And she was presumably like, ‘What the hell is going on?’ “Stanfield said. “And I did not really know what was passing moreover. I just allowed, I am anxious, let me just drink some wine. As soon as I drink the wine, the anxiety goes down.”

While he allowed at the time that the incident was related to the epidemic and making a movie while living through it, he ultimately came to see that it was pullout from alcohol.
“I had come fully dependent upon it, “Stanfield said. “To the point where I was not suitable to move or serve a whole day without having it.”
He said that he felt compelled to partake what he’d gone through.
“This is commodity I noway really had talked about ahead, but I suppose it’s commodity that I need to talk about because I want people to understand that it’s commodity that you can get through, that it’s commodity that you can get once, “he said. “And I want people to feel empowered by the fact that the person they are looking at on that screen has gone through dependence and survived it.”

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