Jojo Siwa Reacts To Absence At KCA 2022

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Most people out there have been wondering why JoJo was a no- show at Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards on Saturday, especially when she’s one of the star faces that makes up the company.

 jojo, who has worked big-time for Nickelodeon and has four Kids’ Choice Awards, did not attend because she was not invited.

 Siwa, who just changed her trademark ponytail for a pixie cut, made things clear in a post on her Instagram on Saturday night.

 That evening the family-friendly awards show, hosted this time by iCarly actress Miranda Cosgrove and NFL star Rob Gronkowski, drew appearances from celebrities including Olivia Rodrigo, Kid Cudi, Jack Harlow, Charlie Puth, Charli and DixieD’Amelio and a number of other Nickelodeon personalities.

“I am not sure why,”jojo stated. “But I just did not get an invite.”

 The Dancing with the Stars competitor later added an Instagram Story after a fan alerted her that her song “One Chance” had reportedly played during the show.

“My song made the cut but not me, “she laughed.

 Siwa’s sympathizers baffled at the rebuff, with influencer Olivia Jade responding, “Their loss sweetness.”

“I am gonna write a note,” added Jersey Shore’s Snooki ,a.k.a. Nicole Polizzi, who tagged Nickelodeon in her comment.

“F *** the Kids’ Choice Awards,” wrote actor Brian Austin Green. “You’re too good for them.”

 Numerous sympathizers presumed that Siwa was left off the guest list as a result of her coming out last time. This January the influencer marked one time since she” shared with the world that I was gay.”

 Siwa’s rebuff was” probably cuz you’re the color of the rainbow and they ’re just orange, “one commenter said, representing the Nickelodeon brand totem.

 The youthful star has also not shied down from speaking out about the network, complaining last September that she was barred from using songs from her Nickelodeon film The J Team in her stage stint.

“I go out on stint in January. My movie monodrama was just released (with 6 new original songs),”Siwa wrote in a ago-deleted tweet. “Nickelodeon told me moment that I am not allowed to perform/ add any of the songs from the film into my show. These are MY songs, MY voice, MY jotting. Does this feel fair???”

 Following her Kids’ Choice Awards drama, the former Dance Moms star has also participated posts from online fans calling out the network. Yahoo Entertainment has reached out to Nickelodeon for comment and will modernize this composition with their response.

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