Justice System Reform: Body of Attorney Generals Brain Storm in Ebonyi

Justice System Reform: Body of Attorney Generals Brain Storm in Ebonyi

Body of Attorney Generals of South East Wednesday held Policy Summit on Criminal Justice Reforms in Abakalilki.

The Governor of Ebonyi State, Rt. Hon. Francis Nwifuru at the event advocated for an Alternative Disputes Resolution mechanism to address incessant delays and congestion in the administration of justice in the country.

The Summit was designed to bring together key stakeholders in Criminal Justice Administration delivery to acquire sound professional knowledge and skills about viable alternative means to the Retributive Criminal Justice system.

The Governor noted that the deteriorating State of the Criminal Justice system in South East zone has led to a high state of insecurity and poor Investor confidence.

“Realising the magnitude of this problem, successive governments at various levels have initiated programs and projects aimed at improving the State Criminal Justice Delivery and Access to Justice generally. Regrettably, most of these efforts have failed to produce the desired outcomes either due to flawed design or implementation or a disregard for the need for innovative reforms that combine the current retributive justice system with a restorative and reparative approach”

He urged stakeholders and practitioners to endeavor to understand the dynamics of the emerging principle to be able to fully harness its potential.

” The implementation of the outcome of the summit will be an investment in public security, peace, and development, reinforcing the pillars of the rule of law and sound democratic culture.” The Governor said.

The Attorney-General of the Federation, Prince Lateef Fagbemi called on stakeholders and authorities in the region to support measures that will ensure effective implementation of the Reforms through legislative amendments.

” It is not in doubt that an effective and efficient justice system is a panacea for peace, stability, and economic growth and development. Consequently, it is critical to continue to take necessary steps to promote access to justice and the rule of law within our respective spheres of authority”.

The Attorney-General of Ebonyi State and Chairman Body of South East Attorney Generals, Dr. Ben Odo said the outcome of the summit will substantially reduce the number of cases that hinder the court system and cause undue delays in Criminal Justice.

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