Kishimoto says he never planned to create the Chunin Exams Arc

Kishimoto says he never planned to create the Chunin Exams Arc

The renowned anime series Naruto of all time might have not been what we knew it to be, the creator of the anime Masashi Kishimoto, it was reveals that most of the arcs in the series where not his intentions

According to the resurfaced chat, Kishimoto’s plan with the series was to plan a slower growth for the characters and not focus on classes like in the “chu in exam arc”

Although after laying his plans to his editor things turned out different as he was told “there wouldn’t be time for such a slow-paced development.” Shonen Jump expects brisk storytelling, so Kishimoto needed to bring all his fighters together at once no matter their village.

Although Kishimoto’s told his editor it would kill him to do a tournament arc, but Kishimoto’s plea was on deaf ears, till date he often wishes he could have stuck to his original plan.

The “Chunin Exams Arc” for most viewers was one of the most encouraging parts of the series having gathered most villages together and given out the back stories and upgrades, but still the question remains the same.

What would have happened if Kishimoto stayed on track with his original plan for the series?

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