Kwararafa University, Wukari set to commence School of Postgraduate Studies in the 2022/2023 Academic Session

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Kwararafa University, Wukari-Taraba State set to commence Postgraduate Diploma, Masters and Doctoral Degrees in various Programmes Accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC) in the institution.

Recall that the University recently had a successful Programmes Accreditation exercise which indicates that for the first time in the history of the School, the Versity shall be having all her Programmes registered on a full Accreditation status.

Speaking on the establishment of the School of Postgraduate in the institution, the very active Vice-Chancellor Prof. Sunday Paul Bako who’s the brain behind the idea said, it’s a dream come true to the University because as a citadel of higher learning and the first University in Taraba State this should have been an old story but not withstanding, the most important thing is that the University will commence the PG School in the next Academic Session of 2022/2023 respectively.

The VC said, “why we are starting now is because of some certain required standard, I’m a product of ABU Zaria which is one of the best University in Nigeria from time and there we don’t play with standardization and also in my teaching principles I believe that no matter what it’ll take, doing the right thing is always the best and by the grace of God with the commitments and dedication of our Staff, we’re starting on the right track. Some of the things that were initially blocking us from achieving this have been conquered squarely that is why this is happening. We have increased the number of the senior teaching Staff as well as qualify assurance.”

In a similar vain, Prof. Bako said the University shall be establishing 10 more courses at the undergraduate level to make its undergraduate Programmes 25 in numbers.

The University shall be running 13 Programmes at the PG School and they include:

  1. PGD, M.Sc and Ph.D in Accounting.
  2. PGD, M.Sc and Ph.D in Business Admission.
  3. PGD, M.Sc and Ph.D in Computer Science.
  4. PGD, M.Sc and Ph.D in Criminology and Security Studies.
  5. PGD, M.Sc and Ph.D in Cyber Security.
  6. PGD, M.Sc and Ph.D in Economics.
  7. PGD, M.Sc and Ph.D in Geography Information System.

Others are

  1. PGD, M.Sc and Ph.D in Human Resource Management.
  2. PGD, M.Sc and Ph.D in Information Technology.
  3. PGD, M.Sc and Ph.D in Mass Communication.
  4. PGD, M.Sc and Ph.D in Public Administration.
  5. PGD, M.Sc and Ph.D in Sociology.
  6. PGD, M.Sc and Ph.D in Software Engineering.

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