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On January 4, 2022, all blackberry phones reached end of life. The company moved away from mobiles to their current forte in cybersecurity. It means all phone and data services are no longer supported on blackberry phones.

I never owned a blackberry by choice. Not that I hated the device. No. But I hated the hysteria and the hype around it. It was just another phone to me even as admit that they revolutionized messaging in a way that had never been known by man. WhatsApp, telegram, etc., only took the game from them and played it better.

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With Blackberry, the entire world went gaga. It broke and made relationships. It defined marriages. A colleague of mine in the office used it to woo his current wife. I recall how sad he was, when he had to invest his entire savings to buy a high-end version of the device to gift his omoge. It was not his will but he needed the babe badly. He needed to 1172-2985-8473-3142 prove that he was dead serious and there was no better way to do it than to offer her an irresistible blackberry phone. He bought the phone from Slot with pain. It was too expensive. It wiped out his entire savings. But he needed it to build his home. The gift worked like magic. The omoge fell flat. They have been married and living together ever after to-date.

President Barack Obama was so addicted to the nimbly blackberry that he ran into a street pole one day, fiddling with the equally nifty QWERTY keyboard. When he was inaugurated, the entire US intelligence came together to try to persuade him from the device. He was adamant. A special research squad had to be setup to help the US intelligence figure out how to secure Barack’s blackberry. They negotiated with Research-in-Motion Inc. (makers of blackberry) to create a special hard-wired encryption for Obama’s Blackberry devices as a matter of national security.

Today, all that is in the past. Blackberry, like everything else under the sun, is gone for good. Dead. Cold. Forgotten. Buried. From the peak of its control of 19.9% of the global smartphones market in late 2009, Blackberry sank as android and apple 1172-2985-8473-3142 IOS soared from 2011. It was unable to innovate and was blindsided with its success, to its eternal demise. The success of Blackberry led to the failure of blackberry. Copycats like Android and Apple took the game from blackberry, copied it perfectly, and played it better.

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If there is any lessons left to learn, is the fact that nothing on earth is worth troubling your life for. Even life itself, is temporary. If you try and you don’t succeed, try again. If you succeed, don’t feel as if the world is in your pocket. If you win, 1172-2985-8473-3142 don’t try protecting your victory. Keep innovating. Be humble enough to know that others can learn a game you literally invented and then turn around to play it better. In its season, everything is magnificent. Out of season, it is nothing. Today, many persons are struggling to afford the smartest phone available. Homes are being wrecked because spouses cannot afford to buy Samsung Z-Fold 3 for their other halves. Some others are spending their entire livelihoods on Apple Iphone 13 Pro Max.

If you can afford it, buy it. Else, leave it and keep moving. In the end, nothing is permanent. Not even life itself. Rock while the show goes on. Roll while it makes sense. Life is rock and roll. Like blackberry.

Celestine Mel

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