Mandatory Passport: Nigeria Immigration Encourages Nationwide Adoption

Mandatory Passport: Nigeria Immigration Encourages Nationwide Adoption

The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) has emphasized the necessity for all Nigerians to possess an international passport for identification purposes, both within the country and abroad. Mr. Aminu Shamsuddin, the Comptroller of Immigration for Kwara Command, highlighted the efforts made by the Controller-General of NIS, Caroline Adepoju, to ensure widespread access to international passports.

Shamsuddin disclosed that a significant step towards this goal was the approval of a Passport Front Office in Offa Local Government Area of Kwara. This strategic move aims to boost passport applications, alleviate crowds at the Ilorin office, and streamline the identification process for individuals.

The Comptroller emphasized the pivotal role of passports as a comprehensive means of identification, enabling easy access to an individual’s information through a registered phone number. He underscored the global significance of passports, noting that they are the primary document demanded in any country to ascertain an individual’s background and criminal record.

Acknowledging the increasing daily influx of passport applications, Shamsuddin assured the public that the NIS is diligently working to enhance its services. He highlighted recent upgrades, such as downloadable applications from home, allowing applicants to choose their preferred locations for capturing and collecting passports. Notably, the NIS has eliminated third-party involvement during registration to prevent issues like misspelled names and incorrect applicant information.

The Comptroller appealed for media support in promoting awareness about the importance of passport application, renewal, and other services. He affirmed the NIS’s commitment to continuous public sensitization to facilitate a seamless and efficient passport acquisition process.

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