Meta to Open First Real Store in US

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Metaverse, a major American IT company that strengthens the evolution of virtual space and Metaverse on the Internet, has created a physical store where consumers can actually try and buy in- house developed VR = goggles for virtual reality, which are necessary for using Metaverse. It’ll open for the first time.

 The first physical store “Metastore” that Meta will develop will open in Burlingame, California on the 9th, where the development base is located.

We handle VR goggles developed in- house by Meta.

 Metaverse, which is deposited as the coming form of the Internet, is characterized by being suitable to enter the digital world deeper by using goggles for VR rather than viewing content on the screen of a particular computer.

The store has a place to try out the products, and callers can wear VR goggles and play games to check the usability.

 The company says that the end of the physical store is “I want you to know how our products connect with the Metaverse.”

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Among American IT titans, Google opened its first physical store in New York last time to vend its own smartphones, and Amazon plans to open a physical apparel store that makes full use of IT technology in Los Angeles. So, there’s a growing movement to directly confirm consumer responses to products and services and use them in development.

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