Mike Tyson has said he wants “ a billion bucks” to box Jake Paul, with the former heavyweight champion suggesting that he has “ no f *** ing plutocrat”.
Tyson and YouTube star Paul have hung out on multitudinous occasions, and the ultimate has indeed suggested that he could fight his fellow American.
Tyson, 55, has said that he has heard nothing about such a bout, still.
“ Nothing told me that,” Tyson said on his podcast. “ Hey, I ai n’t got no f *** ing plutocrat. So, where’s the f *** ing contract?
.“ I ai n’t know nothing about it. Hear, I ’ve been smoking with him ever, I did some shrooms with him as well, but I ’ve noway heard this.
“ I was with him in St Barts not too long ago partying, and he noway told me this. I ’ve noway heard this from nothing, I ’ve just heard this from you guys.”

YouTube star Jake Paul is 5-0 as a professional prizefighter (Getty Images)
Tyson’s last professional bout took place in 2005, when “ Iron Mike” was stopped by Kevin McBride, though Tyson returned to the ring in 2020 for an exhibition draw with Roy JonesJr.
Meanwhile, 25- time-old Paul has gone 5-0 as a professional prizefighter in recent times, knocking out every man he has faced – including former UFC bantamweight champion Tyron Woodley last time out.
When Tyson was asked how important plutocrat he’d want to fight Paul, the former heavyweight champion said “ A billion bucks.
“ We got to get some further ( plutocrat) man. S ***, blue-eyed, golden hair. that s *** is veritably precious.
“ We need to get some further plutocrat, man.”

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