MTN Nigeria Faces Network Downtime Amid Deadline for NIN-SIM Linkage

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MTN Nigeria Faces Network Downtime Amid Deadline for NIN-SIM Linkage

MTN Nigeria Network Downtime & NIN-SIM Linkage Deadline: What You Need to Know

MTN Nigeria’s subscribers are currently grappling with disrupted services for calls and data usage as the telecom giant encounters a prolonged network downtime. The company attributes the outage to multiple fibre cuts and assures customers that efforts are underway to restore normalcy.

In a statement released through its support channels, MTN apologizes for the inconvenience caused by the service disruption and acknowledges the challenges faced by customers in connecting to the network. The company’s engineers are diligently working to resolve the issue, with gradual improvements observed in some areas.

The network glitch coincides with the deadline set by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) for telecom operators to block lines not linked with National Identification Numbers (NINs). Subscribers experiencing connectivity issues amid the deadline expressed concerns about potential line barring by the network operator.

Highlighting the severity of fibre cuts in Nigeria, the NCC recently disclosed that the telecom industry incurred significant costs to address over 59,000 fibre cuts recorded between 2022 and 2023. These incidents, often occurring during road construction or due to deliberate acts of vandalism, contribute to the persistent challenge of poor telecommunications service quality in the country.

The current outage underscores regulatory actions aimed at enforcing NIN-SIM linkage. As per NCC directives issued in December, telecom operators are mandated to fully bar lines without linked NINs by February 28, 2024. Subscribers with submitted but unverified NINs face similar restrictions, emphasizing the importance of biometric verification for unblocking affected lines.

The directive outlines specific timelines for barring unverified lines based on the number of connections to each NIN, with stringent verification requirements imposed before service restoration. As MTN works to resolve the network outage, subscribers await updates on service restoration amid the evolving regulatory landscape.

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