Naira Rebounds: CBN’s Aggressive Policy Shifts Herald Currency’s Upward Surge

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Naira Rebounds: CBN’s Aggressive Policy Shifts Herald Currency’s Upward Surge

In a recent turn of events, Nigeria’s currency, the Naira, has shown signs of strength, marking a significant rebound from its previous lows. After reaching a historic low of N1,900 against the dollar in February, the Naira has steadily appreciated, reaching N1,230 at the parallel market by early April.

The resurgence comes after a tumultuous period triggered by President Bola Tinubu’s decision to float the currency as part of comprehensive monetary policy reforms upon assuming office. This move, aimed at unifying exchange rates and revitalizing the economy, initially led to a sharp devaluation of the Naira, causing widespread concern.

However, subsequent actions by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), including the adoption of a clean float foreign exchange management policy and the unification of all FX market segments, have started to yield positive results. Despite initial challenges such as heightened inflation and economic instability, the CBN’s recent aggressive tightening of monetary policy rates has begun to stabilize the Naira and restore investor confidence.

Under the leadership of Governor Yemi Cardoso, the CBN has implemented bold reforms, including tightening lending rates and revoking operational licenses of non-compliant entities, such as certain Bureaux De Change (BDCs). These measures, coupled with increased transparency in the FX market, have contributed to the Naira’s upward trajectory.

While some sectors, like the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, express concerns about the impact of high interest rates on private sector growth, others, like the Association of Bureau De Change of Nigeria, commend the CBN’s efforts to stabilize the currency.

As the Naira continues its positive response to monetary policy interventions, stakeholders remain cautiously optimistic, hoping for sustained growth and a stronger exchange rate against major currencies in the foreseeable future.

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