Ngbo/Agila people now have a Permanent Peace – Council Chairman

Ngbo/Agila people now have a Permanent Peace – Council Chairman

Odono, who disclosed this while interacting with the press on his achievements since he assumed office at his country-home Ezzangbo yesterday, said there is no more shooting or war between the two neighbouring communities.

He explained further that through the effort of the Council and stakeholders, especially the member representing Ohaukwu/ Ebonyi federal constituency in the house of representatives and above all, God has helped to bring to a halt the war that had lasted for over one hundred years.

He said, “On assumption of office on September 1, 2022, I started with security. Before my assumption, the part of Ohaukwu called Ukwuagba, there is no week they do not shoot and kill people. It made so many villagers to desert their villages. I started with that and since I bacame the Chairman, Ukwuagba people that ran out of their villages are now back because of the security measures we took.
“I want to tell you that in Ohaukwu, there was issue of cult clashes and other social vices were order of the day. But today, there are things of the past because since we assumed office, we have never had cases of cult clash in Ohaukwu Local Government Area. But you know when you are doing something for your people, some people will still find a way to undermine your efforts.
“And that is why sometimes you will see some people that call themselves unknown gunmen going around causing havoc. But we are doing everything possible with security agents and stakeholders to ensure it stopped in Ebonyi State. Apart from that every other things in terms of security, we have tackled.
“When I resumed office, I initiated a peace committee to broker peace between Ngbo people in Ohaukwu Local Government and the Agila people in Ado Local Government Area. We started by ordering that we do not want any form of shooting for one week, from one week, we entered two weeks and from two weeks, we entered a month, from one month and so on. From then till this moment, there is nothing like shooting or war between Agila and Ngbo to date.
“I sponsored the stakeholders from Ohaukwu to Abuja and also to Benue State over this matter. And the Benue people have visited us and toady Ohaukwu people can go to Agila and even some people are living there. Agila people come to our market and we exchange things. As I am speaking to you, there is permanent peace between Ngbo people and Agila people.
“This war has lasted for more than one hundred years. But with God’s help under my administration with the assistance of the member representing Ohaukwu/Ebonyi federal constituency, Hon. Eze Nwachukwu. Because at a time, he was doing his own in Abuja and I was doing my own here. Today, there is peace between the two warring communities.
“The most important thing I think I have done in my administration is security. Because before my assumption of office, I felt bad when my people will be leaving their villages to other villages. I took this challenge and toady they said they want to confer me a chieftaincy title about security that they had left their communities but today they are back to their homes. Also the war that had lasted for 100 years is no more. Today an Agila man can come to Ngbo and Ngbo can go to Agila.
“The day we visited Agila, I went through Ngbo road and the Agila people came through Okwo and it was so historic. People were happy and jubilating. Because of the peace we have achieved, the Ohaukwu NULGE and State NULGE and the traditional rulers gave me a title of Ikeudo one of Ohaukwu Local Government Area
“The other day, I was in Effium because of the lingering crisis between Effium and Ezza-Effium. I was there with the military people because we had there was an attack . I was there to make sure that the effort our governor to make sure that peace is returned between Effium and Ezza-Effium. All these we are doing and so many others is to make sure that there is peace in Ohaukwu Local Government Area.”, Odono said.

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