By: Isaac G.Kuni.

Peace Action Transformation PACT A non governmental organization has called on president Muhammadu Buhari led

government and other well meaningful Nigerians to save Nigerians from the current State of collapsed. Addressing journalists in Lagos, the national coordinator of the group Elder Oloye Adegboyeba Adeniji, said

Nigeria is in a critical state and facing real, present and existential threats to her peace, prosperity and progress. Everywhere across the country, there are signs and manifestations of outright degeneration and decay. All physical, social and institutional structures and infrastructures have almost fully collapsed resulting in collective hopelessness and general loss of confidence both in the apparatus of state and the state itself.

The organization believed that Nigerian people are not only completely distant from governance, they are utterly disconnected from government of the day. Indeed, the people are beginning to see governance as a major part of the problem that is threatening their lives, living and livelihood. The entire citizenry appear to be mesmerized and overwhelmed by the magnitude of challenges they are facing right in their own country with seeming lack of care on the part of leadership from the center throughout the tiers to the fringes of the society.

The organizers said, Food is a critical necessity for human survival. It’s unfortunate that governments at all levels only pay lip service to this essential sector of the economy. Apart from the major disruptions caused by insecurity, Nigerians can go hungry or starve to death is the body language of all governments across the country. Health and medical services are complete no-go-areas in Nigeria as leaders and their families including the President and other top public functionaries are content to go abroad for medical attentions due to the complete collapse of medical facilities.

Elder Adegboyeba Adeniji added that Education is also comatose both academically and structurally. And it’s unfortunate how leaders in Nigeria shamelessly flaunt their graduating wards from foreign colleges and universities leaving the children of the masses to a harsh fate in the country.

With regard to labour and employment generation, there is nothing to write home about and the noise and rants about self-employment is a farce taken too far. With the massive disabling situation in the country where every citizen has become a government unto self, the prospect of business start-ups has vanished from the horizon.

Saying that development and the current lack of development blueprint, the hope of economic and industrial development is fast faded. Consequently, the populace has been turned to a cash cow where levies, taxes, fines and all kinds of unreasonable extortions are imposed on, and extracted from them.

Commerce and trade are becoming moribund as businesses are folding up at an unprecedented rate. Inflation has also gone haywire and the financial sector has got out of control. It was in the midst of this economic quagmire that the borders were closed in the south of the country for no justifiable reason thereby compounding the pains and penury of the populace.

While the masses are still trying to grapple with the increasing difficulty of daily life, tariffs on energy and power have kept skyrocketing beyond the reach and belief of the people. At the whims of the power operators, the cost of electricity has ridiculously gone overboard. Still, both services and efficiency have continued to plunge. The case of oil and gas is even much worse and pathetic. For about thirty years now, Nigeria has been struggling with fuel scarcity on a regular basis. A country that exports crude oil cannot refine it’s own petroleum products for these decades is an aggravated indictment on leadership across board in the country.

There is no doubt that where government and political leadership is failing, the entire society must rally together to insist on the right thing. In this respect, the Nigerian elites must accept culpability for the mess the country has been going through since independence. The threat of fuel price increase early next year has better remained the joke that it looks like.

The organization franned at the activities of law and justice administration which has become a shame unto itself as both justice and it’s temple are being continuously desecrated by the operators and the powers-that-be.

Political and social relations have also been weaponized against the entire population as politics has been hijacked by the power brokers and cabals, and deployed for all other purposes other than the interest of our tried and tired people. The entire country has been successfully divided between the very few affluent minority who are the haves and the very many abject majority who are the have-nots. In the same vein, the leadership in Nigeria have made religious and regional cohabitation difficult amongst the people who have now lethally turned upon one another with deadly hostility.

The worst of all is the crises facing Nigeria and its people.

Insecurity and social instability rate and dimension of lack of human and material safety in Nigeria today is not only unconscionable and unimaginable, it has become absolutely unacceptable. The group said they can no longer continue to pride ourselves as members of the human community while watching as our land becomes an expensive slaughtering house of human beings.

Safety, security and stability are the foundational responsibility of governments at all tiers of the society and where this fails, we must not hesitate to call out the leadership concerned. Situations where our fellow citizens are butchered with inexplicable impunity while the whole world looks on with distant indifference is both scandalous and outrageous.

But more disheartening and disconcerting is the approach of the government to the obscene rate of insecurity in the country particularly the federal government on whose desk the buck stops. We can no longer stand by while our people are being dealt with like sheep in the abattoir. These are human beings with blood and water running through their veins. They are people with family and friends who value and treasure them. Why the Federal Government has not unleashed all the powers and apparatus of the state on these killers including Boko Haram/ISWAP, killer bandits and marauding militias. These are the issues we must interrogate with the intention to finding an immediate and lasting solution to this mindless bloodletting.

Elder Adeniji stated that Nigerians are tired and fed up with this spiraling violence that has rendered people bereaved, homeless, hopeless and enraged. Needless to say that Nigerians are being terrorized, tormented, tortured and traumatized. This growing culture of death and chaos must stop, and it must stop now.

“we may not blame this government alone for the degeneration that has become of the country, we cannot shy away from demanding from it the responsibility to put aright the wrongs that started from independence till date. In addition, we cannot deny the fact that however bad things have been in times past, they have gone worse since the advent of this administration. The tension in the country today is palpable and it is the worst since the civil war. We cannot continue to pretend that things are okay while they are not. We cannot continue to fool ourselves any longer; ENOUGH IS ENOUGH – THE FUTURE MUST BE SECURED he said.

It is in light of the foregoing and the need to quickly intervene to stop the dangerous slide that the Peace Action Transformation was formed. The Peace Action Transformation (PACT) therefore is a concept borne out of the creative and critical inspiration, “that the society collectively needs to take more active interest in the building, sustaining and improving the peace of the society” because WITHOUT PEACE, THERE CAN BE NO DEVELOPMENT.

It is our hope and expectation that Peace in Nigeria would be achieved through this amiable soft-power advocacy that would influence and inspire the current executive and legislative arms of governments and all other stakeholders to appreciate the need for this new idea for peace and sincerely and collectively commit and work towards achieving it. Peace is the surest foundation for personal, organizational, communal and global stability.

He said, PACT therefore is a concerted determination to rise up to the greatest scourge currently threatening humanity, a conscious attempt to prevent the looming national disaster. It is a resolute movement for sustainable peace, prosperity and progress across the entire country by promoting, protecting and preserving collective safety, security, stability and solidarity across all the spectrums of human life without leaving anyone behind.

PACT is an inspiration that believes that peace is not just the absence of war, but it is the absence of contradiction, contention, confliction and confrontation in any shape or form. This is the major reason behind the intervention of PACT.

The driving focus of this intensely inspired project is to quickly and critically look into the menace of insecurity and instability in Nigeria and other challenges facing the society, locate the causes, assess the consequences both local and international, on man and humanity and establish the dangerous global dimension to it. The projects would provide reasons for the whole of Nigerians to own the problem and inspire in all relevant stakeholders the required sympathy and necessary actions required to stem the deadly tide.

We are a people of peace and we come in peace, but let us rest assured that the silence of the majority of Nigerians is not a sign of consent to what is going on in the country today and it should not be interpreted as an indication of unconditional submission to the gruesome Nigerian reality. It is our hope and prayers that the masses will not be pushed to the wall because when that happens eventually, the society will fight back.

We therefore join our fathers and mothers across the country including Pa Ayo Adebayo, Chief Edwin Clark, General TY Danjuma, Professor Wole Soyinka, Professor George Obiozor, Alhaji Babagana Kingibe, Professor Attahiru Jega among other eminent Nigerians to beg, intervene and insist that Nigeria is heading in a wrong and dangerous direction. We also join other well-meaning Nigerians including the Seventeen Southern Governors Forum who have risen to lend their support to the peaceful resolution of Nigeria’s crises. In addition, we recognize the efforts of other Governors across the country who are standing firmly on the side of liberty, equality, equity and stability. We believe that together, we shall fix this country in record time and we shall not relent until this is achieved by God’s grace.

Our vision is to facilitate the emergence of a New Nigeria that is a progressive modern nation, knowledge-based, technology-driven that provides a conducive environment as well as offers equitable opportunities for all citizens to optimally realize their potentials and contribute maximally towards Nigeria’s greatness as a relevant and dominant player in the comity of nations, pursuant to her emergence as the consolation and pride of Africa and the Black Race at large.

The three cardinal programs of action meant to drive this transformational agenda includes:

  1. Visitations, Consultations and Engagements
  2. Nation wide mass rallies for peace and Unity
  3. Development programs for peace, prosperity and progress. Which will be done respectively.

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