Niger Coup: Katsina Elders Not in Support of ECOWAS Military Intervention

Niger Coup: Katsina Elders Not in Support of ECOWAS Military Intervention

Katsina Elders Forum has made known their discomfort to ECOWAS pertaining Niger military coup intervention, the elder in a nutshell sought for the ECOWAS and AU to work out a peaceful means of returning democracy to Niger.

Alhaji Aliyu Saulawa, elder and Acting Chairman of the forum, reached out during a press briefing in the state through the forum’s secretary Alhaji Ali Muhammad,

Putting in mind the threat of the life Muhammad Bazoum, the overthrown president of Niger, going to war with the nation would not be a reasonable decision,

“ECOWAS should be mindful of the repercussions, the aftermath of war, it’s not something that is very simple. So, the question of applying force does not arise, in fact, it should not come in.

“We are advising, like every other responsible citizen that spoke against the use of force, we are calling on President Bola Tinubu to see reason in this situation.

“Nigeria and Niger are the same; we have a lot in common,” Saulawa stated.

Saulawa said Nigeria is still working on her security to control the crisis in the nation, therefore not fit to misuse her military manpower and resources in war with Niger

“Let ECOWAS try to mediate diplomatically, let them meet these military leaders and ask for Bazoum’s safety,” he admonished the regional body.

“Do you think a military leader who had led a successful coup will relinquish power when the consequence is death?,” he asked to expatiate  on the fact that the coupist would not be brought down so easily knowing the consequences of their actions before hand

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