Nigerian airlines adjourn programs to ground flights

Kuni .G. Isaac

Nigeria’s airlines call off a plan to ground domestic flights from Monday in complaint at the spiralling expense of aeronautics fuel.

 It has risen nearly fourfold this year, which was unsustainable, the Airline Operators of Nigeria (AON) said.

 The hikes have been started basically by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine at the end of February.

 But the airlines say breakouts will now go ahead as accommodations with the government are continuing.

AON said that it had been given some assurances by the government.

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 It came under pressure from the government, consumer protection bodies and guests to defer the planned shut down since it was blazoned on Friday.

 The notice will come as a huge relief to thousands of air travellers whose plans could have been fractured.

But it isn’t clear whether the airlines and the Nigerian government will find a continuing result in their ongoing concessions.

 AON, which represents Nigeria’s nine domestic carriers, are complaining about airlines having to subsidise services over the last four months.

 There have been numerous flight cancellations and detainments since March, frequently criticized on a scarcity of jet fuel. The price of tickets has also tripled on some routes in recent weeks.

 Passengers in Nigeria pay for fares in naira, the original currency that has been attenuating. Still, fuel suppliers need to be paid in US dollars.

Despite being Africa’s largest oil patron, Nigeria imports nearly all its jet fuel.

 Flights are frequently the favorite option for trip these days for those who can go it because of instability on roads across the country.

 abduction gangs operate on roadways, targeting vehicles and also kidnapping passengers who they hold for ransom.

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