Nigerian Army Ambushed, 6 Dead 1 Missing

Kuni .G. Isaac

Nigerian police blazoned on the 11th that a Nigerian army unit was ambushed by militants in the eastern Taraba state, killing six soldiers and one officer missing.

Following the statement of Taraba State Police spokesman Usman at a press conference in the state capital Jalingo

a village in the state’s Takum district was attacked by militants on the 10th, and a unit of the Nigerian Army was ordered on the same day.

On their way to the village, they were ambushed by militants, killing six soldiers and missing an officer. Search and rescue of the missing is underway.

Usman also said that a military base in Jalingo was hit by a bomb on the 10th, but fortunately there were no casualties.

In recent months, armed attacks have occurred in many places in Nigeria, resulting in a large number of casualties or kidnappings.

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