Poll: APC campaign council speaks on political tempo in Ebonyi

Poll: APC campaign council speaks on political tempo in Ebonyi

By Ruth Oginyi

Barr. Uchenna Orji Director of the Information Directorate of the All Progressive Congress, APC, Divine Mandate campaign council for 2023, elections Monday accused the opposition parties in the state of hiking the political tempo in the state in their desperate move to win the election.

Orji alleged that some opposition members imported hoodlums to destroy the peace and unity existing in the state.

He warned the politicians to desist from creating unnecessary tension in the state.

The campaign council alleged that some political bigwigs in the state who are from the opposition parties have agreed to collapse their structures in support of the APC Governorship candidate, Hon. Francis Nwifuru the apc flag bearer in the state.

He said, “As a Directorate of Information of our Divine Mandate Campaign Council, we found it expedient to speak on the political tempo in Ebonyi State as we prepare to elect a new Governor on Saturday, 18th day of March 2023.

As you all know, the Presidential and National Assembly elections held on the 25th day of February 2023 were rather a decisively indicative test of the acceptability of political parties in the State and a test case on the electorates’ will to uphold the principles of fairness, equity and zoning traditions espoused by the Divine Mandate administration of His Excellency, Engr. David Nweze Umahi.

“Despite the skirmishes of some opposition political parties which exposed their desperation during the last election, the will of the people was expressed through the ballots.

“We are glad to note the enthusiasm of Stakeholders of opposition political parties in the State who have seen reasons to support the candidature of Rt. Hon Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru.

“Honestly, since after the first election, it has been either massive political alignment in favor of APC or mass defection to APC or open support for the Governorship Candidate of APC by the bigwigs of opposition political parties including Labour Party, PDP, APGA, etc.

“History will be kind to prominent leaders of opposition political parties in the State for upholding the Divine Mandate zoning arrangement for the Governorship seat, which is equitably the turn of Ebonyi North, Izzi in particular.

Their stand for truth, justice, and a good conscience and their decision to support the candidature of Rt. Hon. Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru is a record that shall be honored by posterity.

“We view their deep thoughts to collapse their structure in PDP, Labour Party, APGA, in favor of APC’s Governorship candidate, Rt. Hon Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru is not only God’s design for a more united and progressive state but also an interesting phenomenon that will shape the political landscape in the State.

To all who made sacrifices to entrench zoning arrangements in the body politic of the State, you are heroes of this democratic dispensation.

“As the tempo of political activities is rising ahead of the March 18th, 2023 Governorship and the State House of Assembly Elections, we are mindful of the growing tensions generated by a few desperate opposition elements and their Governorship candidates who are frustrated by the turn of event and have resorted to raising dust, instigating tensions and creating insecurity in some parts of the State.

“We have it on good authority that the opposition elements particularly APGA and PDP, having seen their imminent disgraceful failure in the coming election of 18th March 2023, are doing everything possible to charge the atmosphere and distort the peace and security enjoyed in the State before, during and after the elections.

“We, therefore, warn that these enemies of the State be called to order by security agencies.

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