Promote Govt of Ogbonna Nwifuru- Works Commissioner to Journalists

Promote Govt of Ogbonna Nwifuru- Works Commissioner to Journalists

Engr. Stanley Lebechi Commissioner for Works and Transport Ebonyi state Tuesday said that Governor Francis Nwifuru was committed to good governance in the state and urged the media to promote the government.

The Commissioner stated this in his office at Centenary City, the new government house, Abakaliki, when members of the Correspondents’ Chaple of Nigeria Union of Journalists(NUJ) paid him a courtesy visit.

The works commissioner explained that Nwifuru has started well through various policies and programs his government has created aimed at transforming the state and the total well-being of the people.

He said that the Ministry of Works will make sure that the governor succeeds more than his predecessors and assured of the Ministry’s partnership with the Chaple to drive the policies of the governor in the works sector.

“It is always good to have a synergy with every agency and your own is a very special one. Just like you say you have a golden pen, yes your pen is wonderful because you people promote the activities of the government and individual performances.

“I want to commend you for coming to identify with us. I have heard that you have said that you are willing to support us and partner with us. And I also want you to know that we are all willing to work with you at all given time.

“We will also strive to make sure that the government of Ebonyi State under Governor Francis Ogbanna Nwifuru succeeds more than his predecessors.

“I also want to encourage you to be your brother’s keeper by trying to promote the government.

“You can see that the Governor has started well. He is the first governor to hold a media chat and give his account of stewardship just in the first 152 days in office. He is very confident and very focused on getting things right and that is the step we are all following.

“The way the Governor moves is the way we are moving. So, we will always assure you of that synergy and cooperation”.

Acting Chairman of the Chapel, Comrade Uchenna Inya described the Commissioner as a vibrant young man with a wealth of experience in the works sector and expressed the hope that he will bring his experience to bear in his appointment.

He assured him that the chapel would support the ministry through their reportage in their social responsibility as the fourth estate of the realm

“We are here today to identify with one of our own. You are one of us because you are a very vibrant young man. Your appointment is one of the best His Excellency the Governor has made since he assumed office. Suffice it to say that your appointment is a square peg in a square hole.

“You have been in the engineering sector and the Ministry of Works sector, you have the experience and the capacity to turn things around in the works sector and you have started very well. That is why we say we have to come to partner with your laudable initiative so that we can continue to be part of it. And in the area of publicity, we want to assure you that we will give it to you 100% because we have the pen, we do not have silver and gold. But what we have is bigger than silver and gold which is the pen and you know it is mightier than the sword.

“We are here to assure you that we have sharpened the pen or made it sharper so that when we write we will know we are writing positively because we are investigative journalists.

“We are investigative, development, and peace journalists. We don’t engage in destructive journalism. We are journalists who have content and characters that cover national dallies.

“We make things happen in the journalism world and any ministry that does not partner with us may not have that full publicity because we set the pace in journalism practice”.

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