Ranking in the Senate does not preclude a first-timer from being elected as President of the Senate – Barr Orji Uchenna Orji

Ranking in the Senate does not preclude a first-timer from being elected as President of the Senate – Barr Orji Uchenna Orji

-Umahi as Governor has excellent cooperation and working relationship with the Legislative Arm of government
This accounted for his support for a successor in office that is from the background of the Legislature- Speaker for 8 years and Legislator for 12 years.
-Umahi has to indebt knowledge of the workings of the Legislature as well as Intergovernmental relations
– As Deputy Governor, he stooped to conquer and was cracking the hardest carnal of his boss in fervent humility and profound loyalty.
-As State Party Chairman, he built the biggest Party office ever built by any democratic government in Africa.
-As Governor, he made Ebonyi State a reference point in innovative development in Nigeria
-Put sentiments apart and give him a chance as Senate President, you will agree and appreciate that Umahi is a Ranking Leader in capacity, experience, and passion for service delivery and he is a rare leadership gem in Africa


Much has been said about Ranking in the Senate as if it is a condition precedent for being a Senate President. This sentiment has shrunk the thought of legal minds and suppressed the pre-eminence and considerations of the rule of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on who qualifies to be elected as Senate President of Nigeria’s Senate.

Under the constitution, the eligibility for being a Senate President is clear. By Section 50 of the Constitution of Nigeria 1999 (as amended) every member of the Senate who has taken the oath of membership is eligible to be voted for as Senate President. The ranking is not given any iota of pre-eminence. It is expected that in electing a Senate President, emphasis should be on nation-building, capability, and character to lead the Senate to achieve the aspirations of the Nigerian people. The Senate members are known to be distinguished representatives of the people who must emphasize the virtue of mental and moral character (not ranking) as a yardstick for who is to be elected President of the Senate.

Order 3 of the Senate Senate Standing Orders 2015 as Amended has three categories of people that can be elected as President of the Senate of Nigeria. A first-timer is empowered by Order 3 to contest for Senate Presidency alongside ranking members and those who came from the Federal House of Representatives.

Essentially what determines the pendulum is the mindset of the Party in Majority, in this case, the APC, the interest of the majority of the Distinguished Senators, and the prominence of power play between the ranking Senators and the first timers. Mind you, the first-timers are greater in number under the 10th Senate. No rule says that Ranking members will determine who is elected as President of the Senate. All the inaugurated Senators have equal voting rights. The Ranking Senators have no extra- influence or right of first refusal in who becomes the Senate President.

In the 10th Senate, Nigerians want a Senate Presidency that will be vibrant, that will balance the national Political equilibrium and Geopolitical tripod. South East deserves the fullest consideration in this regard. In Zoning considerations, South East is one of the three major parts of the tripod. In the history of Nigeria’s independence, the leadership of this Nation has always stood on the tripod of East, West, and North. This is fair and equitable.

In settling for South East, the Party in power and the Distinguished Senators who are electing the Senate President should look at pedigree not Ranking; they should look at those who have served with proven records of probity and accountability.
They should make performance and leadership experience count and not the number of tenures spent by a ranking Senator.

Engr David Nweze Umahi is one of those from the South East that will bring glory and honor to the 10th Senate.
David Nweze Umahi as Governor for 8 years has been outstanding in his cooperation and smooth working relationship with the Legislative Arm of government leading to the passage and signing into law of key legislations that have brought transformation like never before in Ebonyi State.
Umahi has to indebt knowledge of the workings of the Legislature as well as intergovernmental relations. He will provide legislative ingenuity that will solve the lingering security challenges in the State. As a man with private sector experience, he will provide legislative support that will liberalize economic development in Nigeria and transform the future of this country.

Going forward in our renewed hope for a prosperous Nigeria, David Nweze Umahi is the best choice for the President of the 10th Senate

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