Rodrigo Chaves Becomes Costa Rica’s President

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Newly Elected President Rodrigo Chaves

Rodrigo Chaves an economist and former finance minister has been sworn in for a four- year term as Costa Rica’s new president on Sunday.

 promising to fight corruption and revive the economy, the former World Bank economist won a four- year term last month in a runoff with former President Jose María Figueres, himself tainted by a corruption reproach.

 The party of Chaves’ precursor Carlos Alvarado was nearly wiped out during the first-round election in February, taking no seats in the new Legislative Assembly.

Chaves’ Social Democratic Progressive Party has only 10 of 57 seats in the legislature and he turned out to be a surprise qualifier for the runoff, having come fourth in the first round.0 seconds of 0 seconds Volume 90

 What did Chaves tell electors?

 Shortly after being given the ceremonial presidential sash, Chaves lashed out at the state of the nation, complaining of the high cost of living, crime, medicine trafficking and long lines at social security services.

He advised that “if the political class fails one more time, the country could fall apart.”

“We’ll not only put the house in order, we will rebuild it,” Chaves pledged.” Change is urgently needed. I’ll not accept defeat. Costa Rica doesn’t have to accept defeat.”

 Promises on women’s rights

 Chaves also promised to stamp out gender distinction and the abuse of women, as feminist groups protested around.

Their rally was a memorial to the 60- year-old former finance minister about allegations of sexual aggravation that urged his abdication from the World Bank.

 An internal disquisition plant that from 2008 to 2013, Chaves made unpleasant commentary about physical appearances and unpleasant sexual advances toward multiple bank workers.

 Last month, he offered ” sincere apologies” to two appellants, youthful inferiors, having beforehand said the alleged importunity amounted to bare” jokes” that were” misinterpreted.”

 Spain’s King Felipe VI and other heads of state or government and delegations from nearly 100 countries traveled for the induction.

 Shortly after his address, Chaves inked his first rulings, including scrapping obligatory mask- wearing for utmost people. Seconds of 0 seconds Volume 90

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 Chaves has long to- do list

 Costa Rica, with a population of around 5 million, is considered one of the most politically stable countries in Central America.

 Nonetheless, the country struggles with social inequality, corruption, hunger and medicine trafficking.

 Chaves takes over a frugality in decline, with rising foreign debt — about 70 of GDP — a poverty rate of 23, severance of nearly 14, and public sector corruption.

 Tourism, one of the country’s main profitable motorists, was hard hit by the COVID-19 epidemic, oppressively spiking joblessness.

 Chaves has already pledged to amend the terms of an agreement Costa Rica reached with the IMF for a loan of further than$1.7 billion (€1.61 billion).

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