The journey of a thousand miles they say start with a step, there is no doubt you’re re-elected as the speaker of the 10th House of Assembly Taraba State, alongside your deputy, Honorable Hammanadama Ibn Adullah at the 10th Assembly respectively, this cause for jubilation. Rt Hon. Bonzena was born to the family of Mr/Mrs Alikali Bonzena Nonkuve of Yakoko ward of zing local government area of Taraba state.

He attended his early education at St. Monica Primary School Yakoko from the year 1967 to 1973. Bonzena proceeded to government Comprehensive Secondary School Numan, now in present Adamawa State from the year 1973 to 1978, where he obtained his West Africa Examination Certificate (WAEC) from 1980 to 1983.
Honorable Bonzena was at the then Advance Teachers College Jalingo, now College of education zing Taraba State.
At the year 1984/ 1985 he attended the compulsory National Youth Service Crop in Imo State. Rt. Hon. Bonzena Kizito John gained employment as classroom teacher, in September, 1985. He remained in the teaching profession until the year 1994 when he proceeded on in-service to further his education at the Federal University of Techno logy Yola,(FUTY), Adamawa State.
By the year 1996, Bonzena graduated with a Bachelor Degree B.E Tech. Education Specialized in Chemistry.
He was the best graduating student in Chemistry Education, bonzena also obtained advanced Diploma in Public Administration at the Federal University of Technology Yola,(FUTY) Adamawa State, in 2003/2004 and Master in Public Administration (MPA) in 2010 from same university.

His working Career started from the year1985 to 2006. By the year 2007, he was called upon to represent the good people of zing State constituency, based on his track record and sacrifices for his constituency, that make him stand out among his peers.
. Bonzena is not new in the game of politics played in Taraba right from the inception. He was re-elected five times as Honorable member representing zing state constituency at the hallowed chamber. While in the house, he headed so many leadership positions including the immediate past Speaker in the 9th Assembly and chief Whip also at the 9th Assembly.

Bonzena was elected speaker several times pro tempore, also he was several times appointed the Chairman Committee on Education, as well as Member of several other special and standing committee of the house.
Rt Honorable Bonzena is widely travelled and visited almost every continent of the world. He has been at the forefront of the movers and shakers known in Taraba politics.
His Emergence as the speaker of the assembly is not a surprise, because he has a lot of experience that will change the system and pilot the assembly to a greater height, in terms of making effective policy in achieving meaningful goals that will impact the lives of the citizen cut across the State and at large Nigeria.
In his acceptance speech, he assured his colleagues that he will operate an open door policy, he urge all colleagues to cooperate with him to tackle the daunting challenges confronting the state Assembly. He stressed further, that there will be a cordial executive legislative relationship among his colleagues, and he also expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the honorable members, for the confidence repose towards him to preside over the affairs of the Honorable house.
Rt Hon. Bonzena pledge equal leadership to each and every members elected to the assembly.
The 10th assembly comprises of 13 members from the People Democratic Party (PDP)
7 from the All Progressive Congress (APC)
2 from the New Nigeria Party (NNPP)
And (1) each from All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) and Social Democratic Party (SDP) respectively.
Bonzena promised to collaborate with the Executive Governor of the State, His Excellency Dr. Agbu Kefas to make policy that will sharpen and bring the state to the limelight that will compete with other developed states in Nigerians.
He assured Taraba will be lifted out of poverty, because the state has all kinds of potentials, most especially from the youths of our time, that has been the desires of His Excellency, Dr. Agbu Kefas, that youths will be given opportunity to serve in his government for better representation, bringing dividend of democracy down to the grassroots, and also allowed them to have a sense of belonging with the activities of governance, that will liberate them from abject poverty, by creating all kind of skills acquisition.

The benefit of skills acquisition cannot be over emphasized in our society. They include but are not limited to improved communication problems, solving techniques, Critical thinking skills, increase of self-confidence, better time management, improved academic performance, increased job opportunities and also financial freedom to mention but few.
Furthermore, Bonzena stressed that there will be a good working mechanism among the Assembly and His Excellency Dr. Agbu Kefas to make policy that will keep the youth busy as regards employment for youths and to further curtail insecurity within the state. And also to make policies that will engage our youths in various skills acquisition. Such skills acquisition include:

  1. Bead Making 2. Shoe Making 3. Tailoring 4. Soap/ Detergent/Pomade Making 5. Barbing 6. Telephone Repairs 7. Printing. 8. Spa/ cosmetics.

With this policy introduced, the crime rate within the state will reduce drastically, because the youths will be engaged in a more positive direction.
Furthermore, with the recent opening of the maiden edition of Taraba state Youths Economic and Security Summit organized and powered by His Excellency Dr. Agbu Kefas. Making a significant milestone for the quest of the economic growth of the citizens, this is the first of its kind in the history of Taraba state, providing youths with a platform to access grants that will enable the participants to grow their businesses. It also recognizes the immense potential and innovative ideas to possess, acknowledging the youths as critical stakeholders, and to salvage Taraba youths out of abject poverty.
Security is key in any developed society cut across the country, without adequate security checks put in place all effort will be meaningless, this is the most top challenge the state has been battling with since from the inception of the outgoing government of Arc. Darius Dickson Ishaku former governor of the state.
Issue of Banditry/ kidnapping is the order of day, Taraba citizens no longer sleep with their two eyes closed. Three years ago, under the leadership of Arc Darius Dickson Ishaku, one of the lawmaker representing Takum ll state consistency at the 9th assembly, Honorable Barrister Hosea Ibi was kidnapped and killed in his home town Takum LGA, and many others prominent citizens cut across the state where also been kidnapped and killed. Sometimes in May 2023, the CTC Chairman, Takum local government area was also kidnapped, but later regained his freedom after ransom was paid to the syndicate.

With all this happening within the state, investors cannot longer do business freely because of the insecurity challenges confronting the state. All investors are running away for the fear of being kidnapped or attacked by the bandits.
With the wealth of knowledge and experience of the new government, led by His Excellency Dr. Agbu Kefas who was once a military personnel, will collaborate with the 10th assembly, led by Rt Honorable Bonzena kizito John, to set up the architectural formation of the security personnel’s (JTF) the committee should be constituted and headed by a top government functionaries that will report all activities to the governor on a daily basis.
Based on the governor track record with the military, under his watch as the executive of governor of the state to oversee and checkmate the formation of the activities, and combatting all the crime rate within the state, and to revitalize an enabling crime free environment for all sundry.

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