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Aseomuku community Beneku Ndokwa east local government Area are on it again, as they woke up this morning to witness Five Vessel (Ships) Barges Loaded with crude oil drilled extract from Ndokwa nation were blocked from traveling overseas.

The able body youths of the community this time resisted and returned then back to base in Beneku Community in a protest against the injustice done to their people in the communities.

Seeking justice, the Ndokwa people are demanding that these Oil companies in Ndokwa land can not be drilling crude oil from their communities without nothing in return.

According to our source . ” We can not live in the water and allow soap to blind our eyes ,we are demanding rights from the companies to meet our needs” said activist Sen. Ajede Uche.

The Ndokwa and Ijaw people are asking for
Employment, standard link roads, standard Hospitals, good markets, scholarships for intelligent Sons and daughters of Ndokwa and Ijaw nation, drinkable water, electricity, housing units and compensation for the land and water that has been totally destroyed.

The local government involved in this protest are
Ndokwa east, Frontline local government area, Bomadi local government area, Ekeremo local government area, Patani local government area, Sagbama local government area and
Burutu local government area

Their demands are to live like normal human beings

Comrade sen. Ajede told Nationalglint that he as a human rights activist, will continue to mobilize his people to fight against injustice and violations of fundamental human right.

It’s their rights to live like Human beings.

Stop these Army, stop the shooting and come to a round table negotiations.

He urged the companies concerned to sit and brainstorm to find a lasting solutions to the lingering problems in the environs .

Say no to injustice and environmental degradation.

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