Thanksgiving Service In Honour of the CDS General CG Musa

Thanksgiving Service In Honour of the CDS General CG Musa

The Thanksgiving service held in honour of General CG Musa, Chief of Defense Staff (CDS), at the Goodnews Family Church, Police Workshop Barracks Ikeja,
Lagos state Sunday the 24th September, 2023.

The Chief Host Rev’d Dr Andrew A. Duya, of Goodnews Family Church, gave thanks to God for the opportunity to host the Chief of Defense Staff of the Nigerian Armed Forces General CG Musa on his appointment by president, Bola Ahmed Tinubu (PBAT).
A message topic “No revenge so complete as forgiveness” presented by a season politician and social commentator, Dr Isuwa Dogo, Captured the intrigues and ordeals of Nigerians and the Southern Kaduna people and called for peace and unity among all Nigerians.
He make a plea to all in attendance and to the body of Christ in Nigeria as a whole for Gen. CG Musa.
Saying it’s important we draw the lines between religion and the protocol of duties of the Chief Of Defence Staff of the Nigeria Armed Forces.

It is increasingly becoming difficult to get the best out of the best of men and women appointed to serve the Nigeria State because we have allowed ourselves to be deceived into making a God for a State the constitution declared secular, locking up the potentials of our leaders in the abyss of religion and their legs shackled. therefore are movement into nationhood is stalled.
No man of faith should be comfortable with the concept of “secularism”; which means to be without religion.

Addressing the CDS he said, There should be a territory of practice away from the Palace —The House of Rimmon. Where they will be no need for Mosques or Chapels in State offices and facilities.
Let me make the plea for all Christians serving in this Government, and to all Christians in Nigeria.
That as loyalty to leadership and protocol of office may demand of them to be with their Principals in religious moments and may need to bow to their Principals while He or She is bowing to their God, that we hold it not against our Brothers and Sisters.
May our brothers and sisters in this government serve in peace that we all may live together in peace in the country that the Lord has given us in the mighty name of Jesus!

Dr. Bolaji Akinyemi, a writer and progressive preacher of the words of God, led the congregation to pray for:
The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and all his Ministers.
All State Governors and their Commissioners.
Chief of Defence Staff and all Service Chiefs.
North Central and Southern Kaduna.
Nigeria and all Nigerians.

Receiving the awards and gifts on behind of the CDS. The AVM AH Amesinlola Commandant NAFRI Oshodi of the give kudos to the organizers and well meaning Nigerians for finding time to attend the thanksgiving service in honour of the CDS.

He called on Nigerians to be law abiding and enjoy the privileges of the government of the day.
Awards presented to the CDS were: A Philanthropist Man of The Year Award by Chief John Odu, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of JD. Vetting and Training Resources limited,
The Babcock university through prof. Alao David Oladimeji presented the CDS with books on how to develop our dear nation,
Arch. Uchenna Nkwanko also presented him with motivating books while the host pastor of the Good News Family Church presented the CDS with live size roll up banner,

The thanksgiving service was attended by many public office holders, private organizations, different communities from Kaduna, Nasarawa,Taraba and Plateau state
Others at the event Includes:
Pastor. C. Nzeaka,pastor. James Danboyi,
Arewa leaders,and Hon. Mrs Favour Adamu.

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