Umahi advocates 50% appointive positions for women in Nwifuru’s govt

Umahi advocates 50% appointive positions for women in Nwifuru’s govt

Governor of Ebonyi State Engr. David Umahi Tuesday made case for women in the new government of the state starting from May 29 by God’s grace.The governor advocated for 50% of appointive positions for women while youth should be considered in the remaining.

Governor Umahi spoke in his office in Abakaliki while receiving the Ebonyi Governor-elect, Hon. Francis Nwifuru who came to present to the Governor his INEC Certificate of Return and thank the Governor for his support which gave him and the All Progressives Congress victory at the governorship polls.

Governor Umahi dedicated the victory of the All Progressives Congress in the State and across the country to God saying it was a spiritual matter. He also said no power will stop the Nigerian President-elect Bola Tinubu from ruling the country.He explained that those seeking to upturn the victories at the election tribunal were simply wasting their time and resources, as the Party deserve the victory.

He maintained that Tinubu can’t be stopped.”There is no power or force that will remove Tinubu from being the President, because the time God would have stopped him, God allowed him.”Because God allowed him, no man can stop him.”And this extreme politics should be deemphasized in Nigeria so we can move forward, in a better Nigeria.

“To the Governor-Elect, Governor Umahi praised the qualities and character of Nwifuru, stressing that his election was built upon the platform of equity, peace, and love in Ebonyi State and nurtured by all men of goodwill.

He maintained that should the election be held again, PDP will not get up to 5000 votes in the state.”The PDP got the little number they got in our State because the election became local in the sense that they had House of Assembly members from the various localities that were making efforts to also win.

“That’s why they got eighty thousand, against our One hundred and ninety-nine thousand votes; a clear difference of almost One hundred and twenty thousand.”Governor Umahi further urged the Ebonyi Governor-elect to consider for appointment into his team, younger generations, adding that the youths should be given more opportunities to contribute their knowledge to governance.

Let me appeal to the governor-elect that 50% of his appointment should be women others to youth. We need to inject younger blood into the Ebonyi government.Presenting the Certificate of Return to the Governor, Hon. Nwifuru described the Governor as “the man that made all that happened to happen,”He thanked the Governor for standing strong for equity and justice in the State.Nwifuru said: “Your Excellency, I am here this afternoon to present to you the Certificate of Return issued to me by the Independent National Electoral Commission on that fateful day made by the Lord, the 29th day of March 2023, while you were away.”

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