US President Biden attends to recent mass firing assaults

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The US president visited the point of the mass firing, where he criticized politicians and the media for circulating the revolutionist philosophy behind the “terrorist” attack.

US President Joe Biden on Tuesday denounced what he called the” poison” of white supremacy behind the mass firing that killed 10 Black people in the alternate-largest city in the state of New York.
Biden was speaking in Buffalo, where an fortified 18- year-old white teenager is indicted of opening fire on 13 people — 11 of whom are Black — at a supermarket in a generally Black neighborhood.
The FBI had said the case was being delved as a hate crime and an act of “racially motivated violent unreasonableness.”
“What happened here’s simple and straightforward Terrorism, terrorism, domestic terrorism, “Biden said.
The US chairman also condemned” those who spread the taradiddle for power, for political gain and for profit.”


He described “a hate that through the media and politics (and) the internet has radicalized angry, alienated, lost and secluded individualities into falsely believing that they will be replaced — that is the word, replaced — by’ the other’.”
The contended mass killer had appertained in a fiat to the so- called relief proposition, which claims that non-white emigrants are overwhelming the white population as part of a leftist plot.
The White House has refused to directly condemn similar mainstream numbers for promoting the proposition.

But Biden’s commentary on Tuesday gestured that he was placing the blame not just on the factual shooter, but also on the influential spreaders of white racist testament.
President condemns shooting
In his reflections, Biden said he ran for president to restore “the soul of the nation” after his forerunner, Donald Trump, refused to easily condemn a deadly white racist rally in Virginia.
Still, Biden has failed to stem the the rise of white racist groups or check gun violence as Democratic lawgivers block gun control sweats.
The president has asked Congress to ban civilians’ purchase of military- style” assault” munitions and bear new background checks for buyers. But his party, which largely supports gun safety measures, has not yielded enough votes to pass the legislation.

On Monday, a White House National Security Council prophet said Biden’s administration was enforcing a” government-wide public strategy to fight domestic terrorism, which President Biden directed his public security platoon to develop on his first full day in office, feting that has evolved into the most critical terrorism trouble the United States faces moment.”

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