USAID State2State holds a roundtable with Ebonyi Stakeholders on PFM sustainability

USAID State2State holds a roundtable with Ebonyi Stakeholders on PFM sustainability

USAID State2State, Tuesday tasked financial managers in Ebonyi State to ensure transparency in public financial management.

The event took place at the State2State office in Abakaliki, Ebonyi state capital.

In the quarterly Public Financial Management (PFM) roundtable with Ebonyi Stakeholders on consolidating the State’s Fiscal Transparency Accountability, and Sustainability (SFTAS) and State2State-backed PFM reforms in public finance, Prof Obiamaka Egbo, a State2tate PFM Specialist, noted that financial experts and CSOs who have undergone various training and gained knowledge from State2State activities in the State should ensure that the fiscal reform is sustained assuming funders, such as the State2State project ends in Ebonyi.

She encouraged them to bring ideas that will make the new government develop the political will for the sustainability of the reform and other State2State projects.

Cosmos Dinee, State2State conflict specialist in a presentation titled “Conflict sensitivity in public financial management for effective service delivery,” noted that a PFM system should ensure that public resources remain allocated to agreed-upon strategic priorities and spur reallocation from lesser to higher priorities to ensure efficiency.

A director in the state Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, Nnenna Unah in her submission commended State2State for the intervention so far and said Ebonyi through the fiscal reform now has an E-procurement standard that other states copy.

Adding, with the fiscal reform Ebonyi now tracks its budget with a template designed with information about a particular MDA and that has aided accountability in public spending.

Mr. Okoro-Agha Anaele of DIG Foundation on behalf of CSOs, commended State2State for the motivational roles it has played in citizens’ engagement in public financial management in the state.

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