The Performing Chairman of Etsako East Local Government Council, Hon.(Princess) Benedicta Attoh has declared an end to youth idleness, laziness, and joblessness in Etsako East Local Government Area.

She said “It’s not just the mere existence of youth that makes the difference in society but their vocation and passion to key into government poverty alleviation programmes through skill acquisition in computer studies, tailoring, shoe making, palm oil production and others rather than charity which she described as a poverty trap.

She stressed that the Secret of the wealthiest nations of the World which leads to their economic growth and in turn leads to poverty reduction is by developing their human resource capabilities. These human resources serve as the sustenance of the service sector which is the engine room of every economy.

Insufficiency in the service sector she said leads to a decline in internally generated revenue and weighs down an entire economy by retarding development. That is what has held Etsako East in bondage in the past years but we are breaking out now she said.

The first elected female Local Government Chairman in Edo North said, “Jordan is a small Country not well endowed with natural resources but with better qualified human resource capabilities among her peers in the region. Through developing their human resources they develop their nation. One thing that has never failed any nation is human resources capacity. China did the same. We have therefore decided to cure idleness, laziness, and joblessness in Etsako East local government by ensuring that every youth has one or two skills that can enhance the service sector to build our local economy.”

Hon. Princess Benedicta Attoh stated this within the week when she visited Senator Francis Alimikhena’s Skill Acquisition Centre in Agenebode to secure a deal for the centre to be officially handed over to the local government council to employ qualified professionals and take over the payment of workers who would be training Etsako East youths for free in different areas of endeavour.

“We want to encourage Etsako East youths to acquire skills right from the secondary school.”

“Today when you are looking for artisans to do plumbing work, roofing, P.O.P you have to travel out of the local government to get them. If you want to register a SIM card you have to go to Auchi, For mere repair and replacement of phone screens, electrical services, and other artisans services you have to import the people to Etsako East. We can build our little London within ourselves by developing our people and equipping them to establish within the council area to reinvigorate economic activities. That is my mission in this place today.”

She maintained that the Senator Francis Alimikhena’s Skill Acquisition Centre is currently underutilized with little or no awareness of its existence. She said the Local Government will acquire more training materials and expand the scope of the training center for the benefit of Etsako East Youths.

“China broke itself out through human resources development. We cannot seek an industrial revolution without a human resources revolution in our communities. Development cannot happen when the people that will sustain the development are not developed.”

She frowned against the high-level of idleness across Etsako East saying the majority of our youths are unwilling to learn a trade but with her current drive to build human resources, a new approach will be deployed to have every idle hand on deck in her desire to build and establish an indomitable entrepreneurial spirit in Etsako East she said.

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