Why I Contested for Presidential Primary- Umahi

Ruth Oginyi

Engineer David Umahi the Governor of Ebonyi State, has said that he and other Igbo stakeholders decided to contest the Igbo presidency so that the Igbo people would not say that they do not have qualified people for the position.

He commended delegates from Ebonyi both in APC and PDP for giving their votes to the Igbo presidential aspirants.

Umahi decried the high level of betrayal displayed by delegates from four southeast states of Abia, Anambra, Enugu an, and Imo during the just concluded All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential primary election.

He spoke during the maiden matriculation ceremony of the king David University of Medical Sciences, Uburu Ohauzara local government area, and said it was a very big shame to the Igbos not to make a statement with their delegates.

The Governor further said that he was disappointed with the attitude of the President-General of Ohanaeze, George Obiozor, that despite his efforts to make delegates of Igbo extraction vote for their own during the presidential, he was still disappointed.

He said, “Let me first deviate a little before I come to what we are doing today. Ebonyi people are wonderful. It will not be good for me not to take out time to express my gratitude to you after the presidential primary election.

“The presidential election was an eye despite Ebonyi State. I thank God that through your support we had a victory. We decided to contest so that the Igbo people would not say that we do not have qualified people.

“The Igbo man has five states and we should be asking why. Is there any fairness? Other states have 40 to 50 local government areas. How do you expect an Igbo man to win? But the worst is the attitude of delegates from the southeast. I met with delegates from the southeast and begged them to vote for any aspirants from the southeast and by so doing we will make a statement.

“Only Ebonyi people in PDP stood for both the PDP and APC. It is a very big shame that our people are crying over marginalization. I am ashamed of the President of Ohanaeze Ndigbo. He can no longer be my president. It is a very big shame every Igbo man should be weeping for himself. And let me warn the youths in Ebonyi State that those leaders selling us out should be considered our leaders again.

“You talk about marginalization and Biafra and I continue to say that Ebonyi State cannot be part of Biafra. I weep for our leaders. There is no amount of lobbying that did not come for me but I continue to say it is an Igbo man.

“Anyone that comes against the Ebonyi people, I will fight in public to protect the integrity of Ebonyi man. We must aspire and the kingdom of darkness cannot hold Ebonyi down. We have a fighting spirit and we have nothing to be afraid of When honorable people are needed in the southeast, they will look for Ebonyi people” he assured.

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